Wellbeats Review: How Does The Virtual Fitness Trainer Stack Up?

by | May 23, 2019 | Class Reviews

There’s something awesome about being able to get your fitness classes, workout plans, and fitness assessments anytime, anywhere, and that’s what you get with Wellbeats Virtual Fitness Training!

Let’s dig into this virtual fitness trainer and see how it stacks up against real fitness classes for both gym owners and gym goers.

What is Wellbeats Virtual Fitness Trainer?

Wellbeats is a Minnesota-based provider of on-demand virtual fitness classes.

The company was founded in 2008 with a goal to make fitness affordable, simple, fun, and accessible to everyone.

With onsite options and streaming to mobile devices, you can get access to their challenging workouts anytime and anywhere, no live instructor needed.

Wellbeats offers over 350 classes designed specifically to aid recovery, increase mobility and flexibility, and relieve muscle tension.

Classes range from high-intensity, full-body workouts to relaxing stretching exercises that you can do at your desk.

Wellbeats class instructors are certified fitness experts that are basically like your own on-demand personal (and virtual) fitness trainers.

Follow their 1 to 50 minute on-demand virtual training classes on their 22 different channels for a whole new workout experience.

Along with their different and easily-accessible training classes, another awesome feature of Wellbeats are their Fit Tests and assessments where users can set their own personal benchmarks and track their results so they can reach their goals.

There are 3 Fitness Tests that consist of 10-20 minute workouts that incorporate timed activities from their various classes.

Pro Tip: Track and measure your results after you complete each fit test so you can hold yourself accountable and reach your goals faster! Trust me, you’ll be beating yourself up if you don’t.

What kind of gyms have WellBeats?

Currently you can find Wellbeats at Anytime Fitness, Retro Fitness, YMCA, Marriott and Hilton hotels, The Ohio State University, and more..

Wellbeats has over 2,000 clients and is rapidly catching in in gyms, health clubs, fitness centers, wellness facilities, multifamily complexes, colleges and universities and more.


Owners: Should I get WellBeats in my gym?

WellBeats is helping gyms, apartment complexes, etc. attract new millennial residents with on-demand, virtual fitness classes that fit their busy schedules, and isn’t as intimidating as live instructor classes.

Wellbeats brings a more flexible, inclusive, and dynamic fitness experience to everyone, all while providing a more trackable, data-centric wellness option.

Not only that, but users get access to fitness classes that meet their interest and goals whenever it is most convenient for them, which pretty much makes Wellbeats a no-brainer.

I mean, who doesn’t want fitness programs delivered to them on-demand?

If you’re considering getting WellBeats for your gym, university, office, etc. the answer is yes, yes yes!


Wellbeats Classes: How many classes are there?

Wellbeats offers over 22 channels and hundreds (350+) of virtual fitness classes.

Each class ranges anywhere from 1 to 50 minutes in length so you can get your workouts done quickly and efficiently

Pro Tip: If you’re a beginner or just jumping back after an injury etc. start with one of their classes that is 20 minutes or less so you can get a feel for your fitness level and abilities.


Whether you’re looking for high-intensity training, cycling, yoga, or just something quick to do on your breaks, there is a Wellbeats class for everyone.

Eery age, fitness level, and ability!

If you’re looking for something specific, Wellbeats is very user-friendly and their filters make it easy to find exactly what you’re looking for.


Here are some Wellbeats classes and channels I recommend:

  • Best for fat loss: Rev (cycling) and Stomp (high rise step) are great cardio classes for elevating your heart rate and burning fat.
  • Best at building muscle: Definitions is a great Wellbeats class for strength training and building more defined muscle. You can also build strength and endurance while also improving balance and stability with their Bar Strong class.
  • Best core workout: All Wellbeats classes focus on strengthening the core, but the eXpress (fast, efficient fitness) will give you the best overall core workout.
  • Most calories burned: With its high-intensity interval training within circuits, Kinetics (metabolic conditioning) can help you burn calories fast.
  • Best full body workout: Bosu great for a full-body workout. You can challenge your entire body using a BOSU® balance trainer to increase core stability, balance, coordination, and overall strength.
  • Best for busy people: Office Breaks offers simple movements you can do right at your desk in 8 minutes or less to boost energy, relieve stress, clear your mind and more.
  • No equipment needed: If you’re looking for classes that don’t require any equipment, check out VIBE and Zumba (dance), Fusion (yoga/pilates or barre) and TKO (kickboxing).

Popular Wellbeats classes include: Kinetics, eXpress, TKO, Vibe, Fusion, and STOMP.

If you’re 65 and up, their Silver & Fit classes are designed to keep you active while also improving balance, agility, coordination, and strength.  Wellbeats also offers children’s classes for kids as young as 3! What a great way to get your kid up and moving. They can learn basic movements (Generation Fit/Purposeful Play), have fun (Move Me), get ready for sports (Sports Ready), practice balance (Bosu Sports Kids) and more.


Wellbeats Virtual Classes vs. Live Fitness Classes:

Unlike regular gym classes, Wellbeats is completely virtual and on-demand so you can get your fitness on on your own time!

From stretching to high-intensity workouts, Wellbeats classes cover a wide range of exercises activities.

The best part is that if you don’t know where to start, the app will actually recommend the most appropriate workout based on your own personal goals and insights.

Because Wellbeats virtual fitness training mimics the idea and feel of having a personal trainer, it can almost feel like you’re in a real class.

Of course, if you are in a real physical gym class, you would get more personal tips from the instructor, which could benefit you in many ways.

In addition to your regular in-demand classes like Zumba, yoga, cycling, and circuit training, Wellbeats also offers popular pre- and post-natal exercise classes, which is not something that your regular gym and studio classes tend to offer.

See if your gym, fitness club, or employer offers Wellbeats and get access to all of your favorite exercises, anytime, anywhere.

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