SoulCycle Review: Everything to Know Before Signing Up

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Are you going into the cycling craze? If so, then you might consider taking SoulCycle out for a spin.

Before you hop on the bike, we’ve got you covered with an in depth SoulCycle Review!


SoulCycle is an indoor cycling class that is so much more than a cardio workout, it’s an experience!

SoulCycle classes combine traditional spinning with upper body exercises involving weights, all while dancing to the instructor’s rhythm-based choreography.

Ride at one of SoulCycle’s many candlelit studios with their awesome instructors who not only coach you but support you and push you to reach your personal best.

Let’s dive into more about what you can expect on your next indoor cycling adventure.

Could it be at SoulCycle?

Read our review to find out!


What is SoulCycle?

SoulCycle is a New York-based fitness company that was founded in 2006 by Ruth Zukerman.

Ruth is not only the co-founder of SoulCycle, but she is also co-founder of FlyWheel Sports, another indoor cycling business.

Clear your head, get in shape, and let loose at one of SoulCycle’s 88 studios across the U.S. and Canada!

All SoulCycle studios offer a tranquil vibe with calming candlelight, inspiring instructors, and motivating music.

SoulCycle classes are 45-minute full-body indoor cycling workouts that not only involve high-intensity cardio but also feature a short arm series and focus on muscle-sculpting.


How Much Does SoulCycle Cost?

Unlike other indoor cycling studios like CycleBar and FlyWheel Sports, SoulCycle does not offer memberships, which is a great thing if you aren’t looking for any long-term commitment.

Instead, you can buy as many or as few classes as you like.

Of course, if you are going to be riding regularly, the larger series options do offer a price discount.

Prices may vary by location.

SoulCycle Prices:

  • First Time Ride (1 Class): $20
  • 1 Class (expires in 30 days): $30 – $40
  • 5 Classes (expires in 45 days): $145 – $200
  • 10 Classes (expires in 3 months): $280 – $360
  • 20 Classes (expires in 9 months): $540 – $700
  • 30 Classes (expires in 12 months): $780 – $1,020
  • 50 Super Soul Classes (expires in 12 months): $3,500 – $4,000

Pro Tip: Keep in mind that if you don’t already own shoes, you’ll have to pay an extra $3 at the SoulCycle studio. Make sure to bring a water bottle, or you’ll have to pay extra for that too.


What to expect at Your First SoulCycle Class:

SoulCycle is more than a workout, it’s a whole experience!

SoulCycle classes feel a lot like a dance party.

Yhe studio’s dark, loud, sweaty and fun, so be sure to go prepared! (If you are concerned about the sound, earplugs are available at the front desk.).

When you first arrive at the studio, you will notice that it’s light, modern, and welcoming.

You will get a tour of the facility, as well as the rundown of what to expect.

When you sign up for a SoulCycle class, you will find your name and bike number on the sign-in sheet at the front desk.

Be sure to also check the map to see where your bike is situated in the studio room so you can find the correct one.

Remember to make sure that your bike is properly set up in order to maximize your workout and avoid potential injury.

Each SoulCycle class works in sync with a playlist curated by the instructor.

Cycling classes begin with a warm-up, next is high-intensity cardio with hills and sprints, an arm exercise, one final cardio push, and the 45-minute class ends with a restorative stretch.

Pro Tip: You can check out SoulCycle’s Instructor Page to read short bios about each instructor, including their musical tastes, and more to see which one might be the best fit for you! After all, you should always enjoy your workout experience.


SoulCycle vs. Spin Class – What’s The Difference?

Traditional spinning classes will have you burning around 400 calories.

At SoulCycle, they tell you that you can expect to shed between 500-700 during one of their 45-minute studio sessions!

There is a variety of SoulCycle classes to choose from, ranging from their basic 45-minute signature spinning class to their 90-minute SoulChallenge classes.

  • SoulCycle is their signature 45-minute indoor cycling workout.
  • SoulFundamentals is a 60-minute basics class where you can get hands-on tips from two instructors.
  • SoulSurvivor is a 60-minute version of the signature class, which allows time for an extended warm-up, high-impact interval training, and a longer cool-down.
  • SoulChallenge is a 90-minute version of their signature class which allows for more active recovery.
  • SoulActivate is a 45-minute high-intensity interval and strength training class.
  • Soul Activate Survivor is a 60-minute version of the SoulActivate class, which gives you more room and more time to push yourself.

Pro Tip: Remember that your core supports you throughout the ride. Make sure you focus on keeping your chest open and shoulders down.


Who is SoulCycle for?

One of the best things about SoulCycle and, quite honestly, any type of indoor cycling, is that it can be adapted and modified for any fitness level!

Adjusting the resistance level on the bike also makes it suitable for each rider’s abilities.

If you’re nervous about attending SoulCycle or have never tried indoor cycling before, don’t worry!

With every class comes increased confidence and strength, just make sure to go at your own pace and have fun.

Who should avoid SoulCycle?

Like any workout during pregnancy, it’s a good idea to talk to your doctor to make sure you are exercising in a safe way for you and your baby before attending SoulCycle.

However, they claim to have many pregnant women ride right up until their due date!

If you need any modifications due to an injury etc. just speak with one of the instructors before class and they would be glad to help you!


SoulCycle offers a safe space to ride whether you’re going to tone up and break a sweat, or just want to have some fun.

No matter what your goal is, SoulCycle pushes you to move your body and find your soul.

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