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If you’re a fan of online bodybuilding and fitness communities and haven’t heard of r/bodybuilding, you’re missing out. I’ve been a member of all of the big boards and r/bodybuilding is  easily my favorite place to share bodybuilding knowledge, ask questions, and motivate each other to meet bodybuilding goals.

I strongly recommend you to create a reddit account and subscribe to so you can join the conversation today.

Actually, r/bodybuilding is why I’m writing today.

Recently, redditor Gasp89 had the idea to make a “Mandatory Monday Pose” thread. – Thanks Gasp89, you’re awesome!

The idea is that he creates a thread with a pose of the week, members then submit a picture of them doing the pose.

The thread took off like wild fire, and this guy went straight to the top.

Meet 19 year old Jack Morrow – a.k.a. yutrahkill

If you’re a member of r/bodybuilding, you already know that Jack has an awesome physique, he can also bust out a front double-bi better than any of us. So I’m sitting down with Jack to talk about his bodybuilding achievements – hopefully it motivates you, gives some golden nuggets of knowledge you can apply to your training, and also spreads the word about our great community.


Anthony: How exactly does the Jack Morrow story start?


I grew up underweight and always very ectomorphic. I’d venture to guess that after age 10, I’ve never had more than 8% bodyfat.

For the longest time I was a runner. I wasn’t fast but I was lean, and I grew up being very opposed to having bodyfat. I then was my high school rowing team’s Varsity coxswain, which involved sitting on my ass and yelling at the rowers, who were doing the real work.

Though on the crew team, I learned more about how performance athletes managed their diet.

Anthony: What motivated you to become a bodybuilder?


I was tipping the scales at 125-130 pounds, and this upset me. I wasn’t happy with how I looked, and decided to try lifting.

Sophomore year of high school, I went to the gym, where a lot of football players were lifting. I wanted to be big like them, so why not lift like them? I loaded a plate on the bar, and before I knew it, a linebacker was laughing as he pulled the 135 lb bench press back into the rack.

Anthony:I had a similar experience with the “Popular Jocks” making fun of me for not doing exercises correctly in high school. The gym can be an intimidating place. What happened next?


I didn’t set foot in the gym again for a year.

When I went back, it was with a football player friend of mine who was an amateur bodybuilder.

He taught me the basics, and I got on a simple 6 day a week split. I followed this for 3 months, gaining maybe 10 lbs to hit 145. After that, things trickled off before I went to college.

This past Christmas, I weighed about 135-140 and was sick of looking semi-decent. I read up every day on diet, training, watched videos of the pros, etc. I went to the gym six days a week, my sessions growing from an hour to ninety minutes, and later past two hours.

Anthony: What sort of training protocol has worked best for you?


The past 4 months I’ve started focusing on lifting heavy, and that’s where I’ve seen the most gains. I spent much more time with the big three lifts, though I have a long way to go.

Anthony: Do You Follow Any Specific Workout Routine?


I only recently started fully developing my lifting plan myself.

Now I do some powerlifting, some Olympic lifting, and some hypertrophy work each week.

Now that I’m much happier with my aesthetics, it’s time to get stronger and faster.

Nowadays, I could be in the gym anywhere between ninety minutes and two and half hours, depending on my schedule and the body part I’m working.
I’d love to share my exact workout routine, but it’s constantly changing.

Anthony: Do you do any type of cardio?


Honestly, not regularly.

Like I said, I have a running background, so that has somewhat stuck with me. Twice since I started lifting, I’ve gone on endurance binges where I worked up to 15 and 10 mile runs, and then I settle back down into the weights.

I ran a triathlon this past summer, and did fairly well. My preference is to stay lean using my diet, and not waste time with cardio.

Anthony: While we’re talking about routines I want to point out two things – You have great arms and you’re insanely lean. What’s the secret?!


Hey thanks. I don’t do anything really crazy, but my favorite exercises are the following:

i. For triceps, I love DB Overhhead Press, Kickbacks, and pushdowns. Lately I’ve moved towards more diamond pushups in between sets.

ii. For biceps, I’m a big fan of heavy DB pinwheel curls, Incline Curls done right, and of course concentration curls.

iii. I do not do wrist curls or anything for forearms. I just never us straps.

As for being lean, no specific diet, actually. I’ve never been quantitative in what I eat, but that’s not to say I’m not intentional about what I consume. I eat as much lean protein as possible, and have a couple of hard stop rules.

They are as follows:

  • Drink only water and protein
  • No desserts
  • No fried shit
  • No fast food (except Subway)
  • No pizza, gravy, bacon, etc. There is always a better option
  • Also I eat maybe 6 egg whites a day, or as much as I can get my hands on.

Anthony: What type of supplements, if any, have helped you reach your goals?


  • I wake up with a whey protein shake, multivitamins, fish oil, and joint support minerals
  • After my workout, I’ll have a shake with whey, casein, egg, and creatine
  • Before bed, I’ll have a casein shake, melatonin, ZMA, fish oil, and more vitamins

Anthony: I really appreciate the interview Jack. I think it’s going to help a lot of people and spread the word about our community, but before we finish, If you could give one piece of advice to beginners, what would it be?


Be consistent. Seriously, this is your greatest weapon as a beginner, it’s mine too.

Don’t take days off or make up bullshit excuses for yourself. If you don’t look the way you want to right now, it’s either that your diet or training needs to train, or you haven’t been at it for long enough. There’s simply no other reason, and you have to figure out what it is and fix it, or continue on your grind.

Keep looking at the pros, but don’t forget to frequently remind yourself of how far you’ve come. It’s easy to get discouraged, but I’ve never had a great lift while sad, you know? So smile, be glad you get to lift, and go kill the weights.

Jack has given me permission to give you guys his email address just in case if you have any more questions for him.

I hope you guys enjoyed the interview, because I’ve already lined up an interview with redditor Fuh_Queue a.k.a. this guy –

It will be released later this week. Stay tuned!

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