How Many Protein Shakes A Day Should You Drink?

How Many Protein Shakes A Day Should You Drink?

It’s one of the most asked questions, but for some reason nobody seems to know the answer.

The truth is, everyone has different protein needs and everyone follows a different diet.

Depending on how much protein you need and how much protein you’re currently getting from food will determine how many protein shakes you should drink.

If you’re looking for a quick answer, 2 protein shakes a day at most.

If you’re drinking anymore than that, you’re simply not eating enough real food.

Now that we got the quick answer out of the way, I think it’s important to understand the “Why”.

So follow the step by step plan below to get your true answer.

First – Calculate your protein requirements:

As always, these things are going to vary from person to person.

Everyone has different protein requirements, but a general rule of thumb is to consume .8-1.5g of protein for every lb of lean body weight you have.

For example, a 200lb male who is 10% body fat would need to consume about 180g of protein.


Second, Get most of your protein from real food:

Protein shakes are a muscle building supplement.

Most of your protein should be coming from whole foods like eggs, chicken, fish, steak and other lean meats.


Third, Fill in the gaps:

You should be tracking all of the food you are eating throughout the day.

I know, it sounds hard, but if you’ve got a smartphone it shouldn’t take you longer than a few minutes a day.

I personally use an app called MyFitnessPal to track all of my calories, protein, carbs and fats.

If you have no idea how many calories and grams of protein, carbs and fat you should be eating. Check out my post on how to calculate your macros.


Finally, Supplement as needed:

Let’s use the 200lb male with 10% body fat as an example again. We already know he needs about 180g of protein every day.

If throughout the day he ate 130g of protein from whole food sources like chicken, fish and steak he’s still going to need 50g of protein from supplements like protein shakes.

That’s about 2 protein shakes each day.

It’s as simple as that.

If you find that it takes more than 2 protein shakes to hit your daily protein needs then you’re not eating enough real food.

If you want to try out new supplements, protein powders and other fitness products each month check out the Best Fitness Subscription Boxes article I recently wrote.

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  2. Can any one help me I’m a male and my weight is 14 stone so how many scoops of whey protein should I have or how many shakes a day would be recommended even tho I Dont work out

    • Go with 2-3 scoops throughout the day, depending on what supplement you use this should put you at about ~75g of protein from shakes.
      Get the rest of your protein from food.

  3. Wanted to know how much protein I should take if I’m weighting in at 120 ima female how many protein shakes should I take ?

  4. Hi I am about 5’11, 19 years old and weigh about 155 lbs. How much protein do you think I should take in daily?

  5. Hi there, how much protein would you suggest for a 30 year old female weighing 105 pounds and trying to build some muscle. Also how much would you suggest just trying to maintain muscle? Thanks 🙂

    • Hey Sam,to build some muscle Id say 125-150g

      To maintain where you currently are I’d say as long as you’re getting 110-115 you will be fine.

      Hope that helps.

      • Yikes no wonder I am not seeing much difference muscle wise! I am a vegan and eat a lot of raw food but no way get enough protein maybe about 50g and thats with a raw 15g protein shake. Thanks for your reply 🙂

        • Yeah it can be hard to get protein in when you’re on a strict vegan diet, maybe that should be my next article topic, high protein foods for vegasns and vegetarians 🙂

          Even if you have to increase the number of protein shakes you take, just make sure you’re getting that protein in, after all protein is the building block of muscle.

      • Is it harder to develop muscle for women who are naturally skinny….like I’m 5’31/2 and weigh 104 if so, what ways can I change or do too see more in quick span of months

        • No, my wife (I Just got married 🙂 2 weeks ago) is actually naturally skinny.

          She struggles to go above 112lb.

          I may get some heat for this, but I truly believe it is easier for women like you and my wife to build that jaw-dropping body that men love and women want.

          My cousin was exactly like this and her Fiance (One of, if not, THE BEST female trainers in the world) turned her into a professional Bikini competitor in a short amount of time. She went from not even working out to becoming a pro in like a year or so. (Her name is Bianca Binno if you want to search her).

          I don’t assume you want to be a pro, you just want to look awesome, so I think 3-6 months you could look great.

          Here’s why:

          As long as you are lifting weights 2-3 x a week and challenging your muscles, any weight taht you do add is typically lean muscle, and a small amount of muscle really stands out on bodies like yours.

          If you add 5lb of muscle to a chubby chick (sorry for lack of a better term), you don’t really notice it because it’s covered up by fat.

          If you add 5lb of muscle to a girl like you or my wife, you instantly notice it, everything looks sexier.

          So here is what I would do….

          First, start tracking everything you eat in MyFitnessPal, make sure you are eating enough (this is a problem my wife has, she’s a nurse and works long and late hours, so she forgets to eat often).

          Make sure you’re getting 100+ grams of protein.

          Go to the gym and lift weight, I don’t even see a need to do cardio at this point, lift weight for 30-45 minutes, make sure you are lifting heavy enough tochannelge your muscles.

          If you need any help you can reach me on the blog or at

          • Finally someone tells me that lol I always heard its hard for my body type but really why I’m not seeing any results because of my routine and nutrition. Sometimes I’m up for working out and I’m not in the mood then it becomes an everyday thing to a see then a month. So speaking about my weight training its seems like I can only stick with a 20lb barbell if trying to attempt doing a squat:/ but when it comes cable machine doing a donkey kick standing up 30lb what can I do to make it easier for me to develop my strength when doing squats (how to feel that soreness in quads instead of the inner thighs)

  6. My name is Vi, I am 130 pounds now, how much protein do I need? Please help me, I need to lose 20 pounds

  7. Hey, I’m trying to lose fat and gain muscle or stay the same. I’ve been lifting weights for about 3 months now I’ve gained about 5lbs and my pants are still fitting the same. I take 2 protein shakes a day. One when I wake up and the 2nd right after I workout. What do you recommend for me to start loosing fat? I don’t have a meal plan. Could you help me with that? I pretty much eat whatever my wife makes. I don’t eat bad but I do have a sweet tooth and that’s where it kills me. Im around 252lbs 6″2′
    Thanks for your help

    • Hey Alfredo,

      It’s all about calories in vs calories out.

      Check out my article about calculating your macros and if you still need help I’ll help you create a meal plan.

      It sounds like you’re simply taking in too many calories, though. 252 is pretty big, you’re about the same size as my best friend, he started at 261, and with no cardio at all, simply dropping his calories and weight training he is now around 225.

      I am a fan of MyFitnessPal, they recently were acquired by UnderArmour and now they are trying to charge for a premium membership. You don’t need it! Just use the free versions of MyFitnessPal to track your calories, protein, carbs and fat.

  8. Hi. I am currently eating 160g of protein everyday. Will there be any bad side effects if I consume protein powder for the 50% of my total intake? It is only during wednesday and friday.

    • Hey Dennis,

      There are no bad side effects of getting most of your protein from powder… but I wouldn’t recommend it.

      It’s expensive and I like to eat real food, it helps my stomach to feel more full.

  9. Hey I’m 389lbs and I do workout for and hour now I bought protein from protein world its a slender blend for weight loss not to build muscle and I have one for breakfast lunch and dinner. For breakfast I have a reg shake with just almond milk cinnamon and sometime peanut butter for lunch I have a fruit smoothie with protien powder in it and for dinner I have a vegetable smoothie with protein powder and I drink a gallon of water a day am I on the right track or do I need to do something different cause I’m a complete amateur at this

    • Hey Mark,

      I would say you’re on the right track, yes…

      But here’s what I would change.

      It seems like you’re ‘drinking’ most of your calories and most of the calories are from carbs.

      If I were you I would want to eat something that I can chew on, something to keep me from going insane.

      Keep the protein intake high, carbs moderate.

      If you need any help shoot me an email at and I will take care of you.

      We can put together a custom meal plan for you or something.

  10. When should I take my protein shake In the morning after I wake up. But I also workout twice a day or should I take it after both of those workouts.

    • Hey Jean,

      I prefer to take it straight away in the morning first thing and also after my workout.

      So it doesn’t have to be after both workouts, no.

      It’s really your preference, though. as long as you’re getting it that’s what is the important thing.

  11. Hello I am 2235lbs and just recently started working out and trying to eat more healthy. How much protein do I need? Body fat is 37%

  12. Hey I’m about 140lbs and would love to be at least 160. I’m have about 6% body fat. What would you recommend?

  13. I am 17 years old and I weigh 76kg so that’s 167 lb I how many shakes should I have…? I calculate my proteins and I get in about 170g of protein a day and I have 1 shake in morning with carbs 1 after workout and one after lunch 3 hours later…
    is this correct? if not what should I be having instead of shakes to replace meals I eat lunch and dinner chicken,beef,mets,rice,carbs etc..

  14. HI, I’m 5’6 and weight about 157 lbs with 19% body fat. I’ve been working out for about 2 years and i’m just wondering what direction of my workout would you recommend, more cardio to shred down or keep building more muscle?

    • You’ve definitely gotta get that body fat down.

      You want to be at least around 12 at all times.

      I would cut back a bit, keep your calories around maintenance level, high protein, medium carbs, low fat.
      Increase the cardio a tiny bit, but nothing too crazy. Maybe even cut down the rest between your sets, this will get your heart rate going and turn your weight training into sort of a cardio session hybrid.

  15. Hi,
    I weight 240lbs. I started working out in March of 2014. Started at 260lbs. Now I want to be 220 lbs but I’m stuck at 240lbs. I work out and started to eat healthier. Any advice on what else I can do?

    • Read my article about calculating macros.

      It’s not really about eating healthy, it’s more about the quantity you eat.

      At 240lbs I would drop your calories to about 2,500-2,700 calories a day.

    • Hey I was wondering, I’m 17 years old. I’ve been doing workouts and I’m happy with the 6 pack, but putting on mass is hard! I eat healthy but I’m just not getting the mass. Any tips?

    • If you weight 110 you want to eat at least 110g of protein, I would say probably even more because at 110 you need to put on some muscle.

      Do 150g of protein a day for now

      March is right around the corner man, dedicate the next 6-12 months to putting on muscle mass, don’t worry too much about abs, put on a solid 30-40lbs of muscle and you will be much happier.

      • I’m underweight and I’ve been doing squats (including eating/drinking more protein) so I can build in some muscle in my legs and butt. Now here’s the question, how much calories should I take in because I don’t want the fat in unwanted places. Also, I’m 5’3 and last time checked I’m about 100lb.

  16. What quantity do you consider 1 protein shake? I consider one scoop of 25-30g of protein to be one serving. Some people always put two scoops to make it 50-60g a serving. Also the labels on protein buckets vary when stating how much is 1 serving. So by my standards I take 3 “shakes” a day, by other standards I’m only taking 1.5 shakes a day.

  17. Hey! I workout everyday and drink whey protein for pre and post workout meal. For one glass there is 25g protein. So all in all i take in 50g per day. 25g before i workout and 25g after i workout. Is it too much if i take it everyday or what? I still eat protein but not carbs. Thanks!

  18. hi, I’am very skinny, i weigh around 100 lbs, im male and im 25 years old!!!
    is protein powder essential in my case??and how much i should take

    • The only thing that is essential is that you eat a calorie surplus, this simply means that you are eating more calories than your body is burning.
      If you are only 100lbs, you seriously need to be consuming ~2,000 calories.

      This is proven science, it’s not bologna. At 100lbs, if you eat 2,000 calories consistently you will 100% without a doubt gain weight.

      Protein powder/shakes is just a tool to get to that calorie/protein level. They are not essential to anybody, actually.

      If you need help, email me – I will help you out free of charge, we need to put some meat on your bones.

  19. I’m taking 4 protein shakes a day and tha’ts because of my job I work graveyard shift so i only have time for a postworkout meal and a meal at 3am during my work breAk i go to the gym 4 days a week. this is what my meals look like

    6 meals:

    1. 8:00pm wake up for work super protein smoothie, light sweetened almod milk

    2. 1:00 am protein shake/banana

    3. 3:00am sandwhich(turkey ham pr chicken veggies, green tea

    4. 6:00 am oatmeal, banana

    5. 8:00 am pre work out protein shake

    6. 11:00am post work out protein shake postworkout meal

    sleep…. that’s one scoop at a time…. can you tell me if that’s bad?

    • There does not seem like enough REAL food… too many supplements, not enough food.
      I don’t think the first two meals of your day should be supplements. I really encourage to eat a breakfast, but I understand some people cannot stomach eating in the morning.

      In this case, have a protein shake, but 2-3 hours later when your stomach settles follow up with some real food.

      Eat some lean meats… steak, fish, burger, chicken, eat some eggs, even peanut butter on a piece of whole wheat toast.

      I would be hungry all day if I had this many shakes.

  20. Hi there, another protein shake question.
    I am trying to lose body fat at the moment & get lean. When is the best time to take protein for best results??

    • I’d say morning and immediatley after your workout. However the most important tip I can give you for getting lean and using protein shakes is to mix them with water and not milk. By doing this you will avoid the unnecessary extra calories that milk adds.

  21. Hey Anthony, I was just wondering if the email address you have on some of these comments is still a good email address for you? I sent one already, but just wanted to make sure you’d receive it. Thanks in advance! -Anna

    • Yes, it’s good 🙂 sometimes I get overflowed with emails. follow up with another if you haven’t gotten a response yet I’ll make sure to look out for it.

  22. Hey Anthony! I’m 19 and I’ve just started working out 3 months ago. The main reason I started was cuz I wanted to get rid of my chest fat which didnt look appropriate. After 3 months, I see a little change in my upper chest. But I kjust can’t seem to get rid of the lower cchest fat. My workout schedule is legs,chest back, bicep tricep, shoulder llegs, cardio abs. In chest I do inclined, flat bench and flies. 3 sets of each and I touch 20 reps. Could you provide me with some help as to how to get rid of the fat on my chest? Waiting f for a response brother! Thanks!

    • Hey Hooda,

      It sounds like you are doing good on your workout portion, but fat loss is going to come primarily from your DIET/NUTRITION.
      It happens in the kitchen, not the gym.

      Check out my article on bodybuilding macros, calculate your daily calories, protein, fat, and carbs and go from there.

      Shoot me an email if you need help 🙂

  23. Hi Anthony,
    I’m a 16 year old male that only weighs 118lbs. I play hockey at least 3 times a week , and usually miss meals due to school and sports. I started working out at home and in the gym at my school for hockey season next year. I just purchased some protien powder and I’m wondering how many shakes I should have each day.

    • Hey Mikey,

      2 shakes a day, put 2 scoops in there and mix it with MILK.

      At 118lbs you need extra calories to put on weight.

      Also, you gotta stop missing meals brother. It’s good that you are working out, but if you don’t eat your muscles have no fuel to grow/gain size. So make sure you get rid of that bad habbit, eat as much as you can, you are 118lbs, don’t worry about getting fat, you’re going to need the extra calories to power through your workout, you won’t get fat.

  24. Hey Anthony , I wanted to know should I be drinking protein shakes on non workout days as well, if so how many scoops and how many times a day?

  25. Hi, Anthony. I’m a 21 years old female with a 24% body fat and weighs about 93 lbs. I just want to have some obliques and a flat belly. Basically, I just want a lean body. I exercise an hour a day and I just bought a gnc soy protein 95 mix. Will the protein mix help me achieve my goal or I don’t need it? Do you have any recommendations about the protein mix that I should take? Thank you very much. Looking forwars to hearing from you!

    • Hey Belle,

      The protein will help you feed the lean muscle, but ultimately you need to make sure your entire diet is in place to bring your body fat % down, cut some carbs, increase the protein, and don’t eat too many calories. Also a good idea would be to workout with weights to build a little bit of muscle.

    • Hey Ryan,

      At 14 years old just eat eat eat, and do whatever exercises you have access too. Push ups, crunches, pull ups, dumbbell curls, if you have a bench press bar even better. With a barbell you can do all sorts of exercises, overhead press for shoulders, squats, standing in place lunges, barbel curls, chest presses, upright rows, etc.

      You’re only 14, just get started early on eating the right way and doing what ever exercises you can do. I know it’s hard at 14 becuase you don’t have a lot of money or access to a gym in some cases, but use what you can and be creative.

  26. Hey Anthony, I’m 19 years old, weighing 134 lb, I’m 5’7. I joined the army and I plan on gaining as much muscle weight, endurance, and resistance as I possibly can. I’m going to the gym 2-3 times a week and doing crossfit exercises 2 times a week. How much intake should I have on protein? And since I’m planning on gaining and pushing myself in the gym should I also take protein during my non exercise days? Also, my diet, I heard I shouldn’t eat more than 3 times a day but instead eat a lot of calories during my 2-3 meals a day, is this true and what amount of food would u recommend I eat in breakfast, lunch, and dinner?

    Thank you for taking you’d time to read this.

    • Hey Greg,

      If I were you, 150grams of protein every day (should come from real food as well as protein shakes).

      Yes definitely eat about the same protein even when you are not working out.

      It does not matter if you eat one time a day or 50 times a day, as long as you get your calories in there is a small difference. I prefer to eat 4-5 times a day, I eat a medium size meal each time.

      For breakfast – nothing beats eggs, oatmeal, whole grain toast, even breakfast sausauge if you are trying to bulk

      Lunch – chicken breasts, salads, turkey, steak, hamburger, potatoes, rice

      dinner – same as lunch options.

  27. Hello Anthony!

    I am a 130 lb 5’3 and at the moment I am trying to lose a little bit of fat but gain muscle. I want to gain more muscle in my legs and I have been taking protein shakes only once a day..but do you think if I increase it to twice a maybe replace my snacks with protein..would that benefit me and get me at my goal? Right now I am eating clean. Chicken, eggs, fish, veggies. Been eating every 3 hours..meals and snacks. I usually work out in the morning so I’ll take a shake right after my work out.

    • Two times a day is not necessary, what it really comes down to is your total amount of calories you consume.

      Are you tracking your total calories? How many are you eating every day?

      If you want nice legs nothing is better than squats and lunges 🙂

  28. hey Anthony

    I am a ectomorph and weigh around 138 pounds and have a very skinny body and find it hard to gain weight. I have recently started going to the gym 3 times a week and eating lots of healthy food, I have since gained weight but mostly on my face, I was wondering, is this normal as I eat a mix of white and brown carbs (mostly white as I want to gain body weight not just on face). I also wanted to know how many calories should I consume daily and which should be protein and carbs?

    any advice would be greatly appreciated as I am confused about what to eat and how much of it.

    • Are you eating high sodium food? That could be why.

      My main advice would to be stay clear of salty/fattening foods and make sure you are getting your calories from clean foods.

  29. Hey Anthony I weigh about 9 stone and am 5 ft10 and am am very skinny and find it hard to gain weight. I have recently signed up to a gym and have purchased ongold standard whey protein and was wondering how many scoops would I need and how many times a day would I neeed to drink the shake. Also do i fill the shaker bottle to the top? Finally how many times would you recommend attending the gym and for how long .e.g 1 hour?

    • Hey Joe, how’s it going bro?

      I would put 2 scoops in MILK twice a day.

      You don’t need to fill the shaker bottle to the top, a little more than half-way maybe about 3/4 of the way full of milk.

      I personally recommend 3-4 times a week of working out with weights and take about 45 minutes to 1 hour to get your workout done.

      Let me know if you have any more questions.

    • Ah, well if the strength is there then it might not be the case.

      What set/rep range are you training in?

      I notice that when I train primarily heavy weight and low rep (3-5 reps) I gain a lot of strength, but there’s not a ton of size being added. When I started to train 8-12 range I notice the most size being added. I like to be strong, so what I do is train everything twice a week, the first time I hit it heavy usually anywhere from 3-8 reps. The second time I go 8-12 reps mostly, and sometimes even has high as 15-20 reps.

  30. Hey Anthony,

    I’m a 50yr old male 204 lbs 6’1″, work out 4 days a week. chest , biceps/triceps, back/shoulders, legs. On average I do at least 4 exercises and 4sets with 8-12 reps each. I have 3 protein drinks a day, Creatine before and after a workout and once a day on off days, I use a preworkout for a more intense workout. I take a multivitamin, CLA, fish oil, chromium picolinate daily. I try to eat a fairly clean diet but not showing much mass improvement. I definitely see improvement in my body shape but wonder if I need more calories or what for adding more size. Any advice would be appreciated. There’s so much information out there it gets confusing.


    • What’s up, Derek?

      First of all, it sounds like you’re on the track.

      There’s two possibilities I can think of that might be holding you back from putting on size.

      1st – Your diet. I don’t know much about your diet, but at 204lbs, if you want to add mass I’d aim to eat 3,000+ calories. Around 225g of protein, 250g carbs, and keep your fat ~75g or so.

      2nd – Your hormones could play a role, but I’m not a doctor so don’t consider this medical advice.

      My girlfriend’s father has been working out his entire life, and he’s in his mid 50’s now and finding it harder to gain strength and size. Also, he’s been feeling fatigued at work, and really just not like himself.

      I’m not saying this is the case, but it could be. So I think it’s definitely worth it to see a doctor and get your hormone levels checked out. They might prescribe you a replacement dose of testosterone.

      My girlfriend’s dad has been on the test for a few months now, he’s gained about 10lbs, and feeling like he’s in his 20’s again with all the new found energy.

      I’m not a doctor and I don’t want to get sued, but I’m just saying it’s a possibility and it doesn’t hurt to get tested.

  31. Hey Anthony I’m 18 yrs old. Can you tell me how many times a day should I consume my protein shake on workout and non workout days? And at what time of the days?(pre,post..)

  32. Hey Anthony,
    I’m 19 yrs old, 5.7 tall and weigh 165lbs. I’m not fat my belly is the only thing that makes me fat and I’m working out to burn it and gain muscles, was it good to drink protein when burning fats or bad? And also I’m working out 2 times a day, morning and afternoon and I always take protein after I workout. Thanks!

  33. Hi Anthony. I am a female that is 5’5 and 119lbs. I would like to get a work out where I could get toned and put on some muscle, but not lose any weight. Do you have any tips on protein consumption and workouts. I am super busy,because I have 3 young kids. I was looking to workout at home. Thank you so much

    • You can definitely maintain a tone attractive body on a busy schedule and with just home workouts. The majority of your results is really going to come down to nutrition, anyway. I would say 3-4 times a week follow a body-weight workout lasting 20-30 minutes, and then keep your diet in check really really well. As for protein, I would try to consume about 100-125 grams of protein a day, mostly via food like chicken, fish, steak, eggs, nuts, cottage cheese, etc. However, a protein shake in the morning and / or after your workout would be great as well.

      If you want help creating a diet and / or workout plan, give me an email over at and we can talk

  34. Hey Anthony.
    I’m 6’2″ tall and weigh around 206 pounds.I’m looking to cut the fat and achieve a slim yet muscular physique. I was just wondering if you could take a look at my routine and diet and see if it’s going to get me results.
    Monday – Chest
    Tuesday – Biceps
    Wednesday – Legs
    Thursday – Back\Triceps
    Friday – shoulders\Abs
    Sat/Sun – Rest or may be Cardio either of the day
    As of now I take 120 grams of protein through Whey Protein (Pre-workout and Post-Workout). I usually take 2-3 meals per day (whole food).
    Please recommend my diet plan accordingly.

    • I’d need to know more details, like what exactly you’re doing on chest day, leg day, etc. What type of exercise, rep range, how many sets, how much rest, etc. If you want, email me at and we can talk.

      At first glance, though. I wouldn’t give biceps their own day. Too small of a muscle, pair them with something bigger or just pair tricep and bicep together on one day.

      As for your diet, 120g of protein with shake is probably fine, but I need to know what you’re eating for real food. Let me know bro 🙂

  35. Hey i dont know if its too late to post on this or not but lets give it a try! ao I’m 15, 120 lbs girl and I’m a runner, i do cross country and track but most of the time i’m just out running 5-8 miles (which i am working on increasing my milage-hip injury prevents that) ANYWAY i was wondering if you think if would be healthy for me to have 2 protein shakes a day? and by heathly i mea i’m not looking to gain a ton on muscle mass or much weight at all. i use the whey isolate by body fortress and i would just have one for breakfast and one after practice/hard workout. what would you sugest?

  36. Hi Anthony, i’m a 21 year old female, last time i checked (2 1/2 weeks ago) i was 64.7 kg (142.34 Lb) and I went to this sport institut that only does Power-plate. So they did an assessment of my body with some machine that sends frequences to your body and it can know how much fat, muscle, water, etc.. you have in your body, it’s called BIO-ZM if you’re interested to look it up..
    Anyway, the results came that i was in lack of muscle and had too much fat percentage. Among the total 142.24 lb, 54,164 lb is fat and the guy said that for my height, the average is 28.9 lb (my goal..).
    And the muscle mass that is on the result says i have 24.11 lb of muscle and that i need to get to at least 27.4 to get to the “norm”, which is not that much to gain but i want to gain more, to change/boost my metabolism, lose fat and be toned.

    My question is, how do I do, with the whole protein intake, to calculate my need? should i take 24.11 gram/ day at least cause that’s how much muscle i have, or should i calculate it the way you did with that 200lb guy who has a 10% body fat percentage, and just take off the body fat.

    Also, I started the power-plate 2 times a week and i see changes, and muscle gain, also fat loss, and i’m going to start now to go run every morning 20 min and do 20 min of interval training right after, except the day i’m going on the power-plate (btw, power plate is NO JOKE, makes you work and sweat very hard and you feel the muscles working and the pain after!)

    What would your advice be for my daily routines or diet, to reach my goal (lose fat and get toned).
    Is my goal reasonable for my height? Goal = to weight 114-116lb
    and my height 5’6” (166-7centimeters)

    THANK YOU!!!

    • Hey,

      Thanks for writing! 🙂

      First, I’d actually recommend you consume 125-150g of protein a day, not just protein for the muscle weight :).

      Second, I think you’re off to a good start, especially if you’re seeing muscle gain and fat loss. I think running in the morning coupled with interval training is a great idea.

      Lastly, about daily routines and diet it’s going to be a little more detailed so send an email to and we can figure out the best workout/nutrition plan for you.

    • Also, would advise me to mix my protein shakes with water instead of milk because i’m trying to lose fat?? Or is skim milk okay?

      Ps: my diet is very strict, I don’t eat fat stuff anymore, only meat, fish, veggies, fruits, nuts and other healthy stuff, so idk if the fact that I’m very good with my diet makes it okay for me to mix my protein with milk, cause honesly with water that’s gross…

      • If you’re keeping a clean diet then the milk wit the protein shake isn’t going to ruin it 🙂 milk should be fine. I prefer water when I am trying to lose fat, but I know it doesn’t taste very good and not everybody can handle it with water.

  37. Hey Anthony
    Im 19 90lb and 5ft im trying to gain some weight i have a really fast metabolism soo its hard to gain weight.. i just bought some protein that im going to start taking and i will be working out but the thing is im not sure how my work out routine should be !? I dont know if i have to rest some days.. i was just wondering if you can help with how i should work out and how many protein shakes should i take thanks .

    • I’d workout 3-4 days a week with weights, depending on your schedule, stay in the 8-12 rep range for the most part, and do very little cardio outside of basic heart-health needs. Take 2 protein shakes with MILK for extra calories.

      Also, feel free to contact me via email for more info: – I do design custom workout/meal plans and would definitely be willing to help you out.

  38. Hi Anthony, I’m Anthony lol. Okay so I’m 22 years old, 6 ‘4 and I weigh around 210 pounds, I don’t have very much fat, just on my stomach. I worked out for an entire year before without seeing hardly ANY results and now I’m determined to make something happen this time around. So far I have worked out for a month and I have seen very very subtle results. I work out 5 days a week with Saturday and Sunday off. I do full upper body every other day and then full lower body on the days in between. I’ve increased the weight on every exercise and I feel like I should be seeing more results. I know I need to be patient, but I am worried about wasting time and not seeing results again. As far as food and nutrition go, I really have no option but to use meal replacement shakes (not just protein shakes) in place of actual meals because of my job. I work 9-5 and I don’t have time to eat 3 times on the clock. I’m using the GNC Lean Shake 25 and I drink 1 in the morning, 2 at work, one when I get home and then a normal dinner so I guess thats like eating 5 times a day. I drink a 60g hydrolized protein shake 30 mins after work outs. I’m using a bowflex-like machine that I have at home because I don’t have time to make it to the gym…I really have all odds working against me for this but I really want to build muscle and get toned. Does what I have written here seem like it would work? I’m focusing on overload and intensity and I desperately want results. Let me know what you think if you get a chance.

  39. hi Anthony,

    greetings from the Philippines.

    Am I correct in my computation?

    My total body fat is 14% ( from a special type of weighing scale )

    my weight is 133 lbs. So my lean body mass is 114.38 lbs? am I ryt?

    so I will need to consume 114 grams of protein a day?

    I ordered Myofusion probiotic online and each scoop contains about 24 grams of protein. I eat a maximum of 2 chicken breasts every 4:30 pm and jog at night between 6:30-7:30 pm…. then eat fruits for dinner.

    My main purpose of planning to drink protein formula is to develop and increase muscle mass to improve my metabolism because I enrolled in a diet program last January and I am near my goal already. I read from article that AN EFFETIVE WAY TO PREVENT REBOUND WEIGHT GAIN ( sorry for the caps ) is to build muscle mass…..

    My concerns are: 🙂

    1. I don’t wanna develop hard muscles, like very obvious muscles because I’m the feminine type of gay 🙂 hehehehhehe.

    2. how can I develop or increase muscle without worrying about my muscles getting obvious and hard? is it possible?

    3. if I drink just 50grams of protein formula a day, will it be enough to help me dvelop and increase muscle mass?

    4. should I drink before or after jogging?

    5. How much weight should I lift so that my biceps and triceps won’t be like superman’s….? ahehehehehehhehee.

    Hope to hear from you soon.

  40. Hi Anthony, i’ve been trying to change my life around and eat healthy and exercise i started on my weight loss journey almost two years ago i started out weighing 190 and right now i am down to 150. I am a highschool teen girl and i do cross country basketball and track and field. I know that i should weigh more because of my height (5.8) but ive been having a really hard time losing the last couple pounds in reality i just want to tone my stomach and ill be happy but im finding it extremely difficult and i do exercise about 4 to 5 hours a day and eat 4 to 5 meals a day consisting of veggies and lean protein along with a protein shake after my toughest workout i was wondering if theres anything i can do to lose the fat from my stomach and finally tone and sculpt abs

  41. hi im currently deployed in afghanistan nutrition here suck im currently 5’1 105lbs i wanna gain weight muscle of not idc im also in the infantry so we do alot of physical activity i go to gym 5 times a week like i said nutrition sucks here so how many weight gainer shakes to make up for lost cals we also dont get breakfast here im currently taking dymataze elite nutrition which has 600 cals and 55g please like i said i wanna gain weight muscle or not

  42. Hi anthony im 18 years old 6.4 and about 200 pounds.
    Ive bought whey protein and beast creature creatine. Im wondering how often and when i need to take both the protein shake and creatine. Im looking to bulk up mainly not get ripped.

    • Hey Tanner,

      Sorry for taking so long to respond. I didn’t get an email notice about this comment.

      I would take them both everyday. Personally, creatine I usually take in the morning.
      I’d take the protein shake twice a day (2 scoops each), and then I’d take the creatine once.

      If you’re looking to bulk, I’d eat between 3,000-4,000 calories.
      Food is going to make a bigger difference than the supplements.

  43. Very informative.

    However, is it ok just to consume protein shakes during work out days… Or does it need to be taken daily? (I really hate the taste!)

    Let me know, thanks!

    • It is okay to consume only on workout days, it will help keep cost done as well.
      however, you need to be consuming more real protein on the days you won’t be drinking the shake… more chicken, fish, steak, etc.

      • Hi, I’ve just started to change my diet up in order to lower my body fat percentage. I want to decrease it in order to get more visible abs. how much protein would you recommend I get each day? im 20 years old and go to the gym 2 times a week and do various weight lifting and but do other various exercise at home. I want to build muscle and strength but decrease fat cheers.

  44. Hey Anthony, yes, it’s 120 grams with food and one protein shake per day that I consume. The Body Beast has a 30-minute cardio session, but it’s used about once every 2 weeks, and on the 6-week Bulk phase, there’s no cardio at all. And yeah, Body Beast actually is a weight training routine. I’m now able to lift 35-pound dumb bells in each arm during the chest presses.

    • Hey Tim,

      If you’re concerned with the extra fat on your abs definitely kick the cardio up a bit, definitely more than once every two weeks. I’d say 2-3x a week should be sufficient.
      Also, kick the protein intake up to 150g

  45. Hey Anthony,
    I’m 40 yrs old, 5.6 tall, and weigh about 125 pounds. I’m currently doing Body Beast weight lifting workout by BeachBody. I’ve been doing it since late-February of 2013, and I finished the 90-day challenge. I noticed some of my body changed, like my arms and chest, can even feel it in my legs. However, I’ve been taking one protein whey shake per day with 26 grams per scoop. Now I’m taking one with 30 grams per scoop (Body Fortress). However, in the 90-day challenge, my bicep went from 10″ to 11.5″. I was really looking for more improvement than that. I’m taking in about 120 grams of protein each day, and I work out 5 days, rest on the 6th day, then I start it all over. Do you think I should consume more protein for better results, or do you think I’m just being impatient? Also, my abs are not showing through my belly fat. Any ideas? I’m not actually following the Beast Book nutrition guide, so maybe some of the protein is in fattier foods than I should consume. Not sure.

    • Hey Tim,

      What’s up? Thanks for writing to me, man.

      First – an inch and a half on your biceps in 90 days is actually really good. You’re just being a little impatient 🙂 haha. relax, pat yourself on the back man you’re doing great.

      Second – When you say you’re taking 120 grams of protein/day, do you mean total, or just from protein shakes?
      If you’re taking 120g of protein total, meaning your food consumption plus protein shake consumption = 120grams of protein
      definitely increase it to about 150 grams.

      About your belly fat – what’s the Body Beast workout like in terms of cardio? Do they have you do any cardio?

      Here’s my honest opinion – The Body Beast workout is going to be a great workout to follow for 3-6 months, but you will eventually hit a plateau that you just won’t be able to break without working out with weights. Weight training is the #1 way to build an impressive physique, Body Beast sounds like a great program from what I have read, but be prepared to make move over to a weight training routine once you stop growing.

  46. Anthony i see your very good when it comes to advice. Currently i am 5’8 and weight 127 at age 16. I just bought an protein why shake. Ive watched lots of videos explaining for skinny guys to get muscle they must eat lots and lots do i eat 1st then work out, or work out while eating lots. i’ve just now started trying to get some muscle so i am kinda of ignorant and naive about my calorie intakes. Please help me

  47. I am 21 and been told am very skinny and would look a lot better if my chest was lot wider and if I was more ripped. I am about 9 stone and am yet to sign up to a gym, the reason I haven’t is because I don’t know what to do at the gym. Do I start on dumbbells? Also I have chosen protein powder after lots of research, (PhD Nutrition Pharma Whey HT+) but how many times do take it and when do I take it. Also how much do I take? Can I mix it with water? Do I have to eat a lot? I don’t understand. Also how many times do I go to the gym. Please can you do me a timetable of when to eat and go the gym and stuff as i have been meaning to go to the gym for a while but cant as I don’t know what to do and this has put me off and i really want to look my best?

    Thank you for reading and sorry for all the questions

      • Thanks Anthony I got your email and it is really helpful.

        one thing though, I really want to bulk up but mixing milk with protein shake makes me break out badly, and I don’t want to lose weight so I cant mix it with water, any alternatives?

        • Glad to hear it helped!

          No doubt milk can cause acne if you’re really prone to it. I don’t have this problem, so I can’t say I have any first hand experience with it, but from what I have read rice milk, coconut milk, and almond milk are good alternatives to regular milk.

          If none of those work for you, just stick to water. The milk vs. water thing isn’t going to make or break you, it’s just an easy way to get a few hundred extra calories a day. You’ll just have to eat a bit more, no problem.

  48. Hey Anthony,

    First of all, great article, I really enjoyed reading it and I felt that I have learned a lot. I have some questions that I hope you can help me with.

    I am 21 years old, currently a university student. I am 5’6 tall and I am currently at around 182 lbs but everyone has always said that I do not look like I weight that much.

    My goal is to cut down the amount of fat and gain muscles in order for me to gain confidence in myself. I have been working out for a month now, used to go work out 3 times a week but since it is summer and I have more free time I have been trying to pump it up to 4/5 times a week starting this week. I have been working on my chest, biceps, triceps, back, legs, traps, shoulders (1 – 1.5 hour per day with a friend) plus cardio for around 10-15 minutes after the weightlifting exercises.

    I just started taking the protein shakes today and I am consuming the 100% Whey Protein – Gold Standard. My question is what is the amount of protein that I need per day? Do I need to take the protein shake twice a day? Also, is my exercise good enough? and do I need to follow a certain diet for my food consumption?

    Thank you again in advance!

    • Thanks Hank,

      I also got your e-mail and will be replying shortly, but first…

      I would aim for 180-200g of protein a day. If you’re working out 4-5 times a week for an hour to an hour and a half day, it sounds like you’re working your muscles out hard enough. Make sure you are challenging your muscles, though. If you can lift the weight very easily, you need to increase the weight and give your body a reason to grow. Your body adapts to perform the tasks you ask of it more easily, so you need to lift heavy weights and perform challenging workouts – your body will adapt by building muscle and shedding fat.

      As far as diet, make sure to consume foods like chicken, steak, fish, vegetables, fruits, oatmeal, brown rice, potatoes, protein shakes, etc. consume these types of foods 4-5 times a day and you should be good to go :).

      Also, don’t forget – I design custom meal and workout plans so if you’re having a hard time making progress we can talk about that, but it sounds like you’re on the right path Hank.

  49. The article and all the comments have been really helpful. I try to work out at least 5 days a week, with 3 being lifting days.
    Monday – Chest and biceps
    Tuesday – Cardio (Running or Elliptical)
    Wednesday – Shoulders and Back
    Thursday – Cardio (Running or Elliptical)
    Friday – Legs and Triceps
    Weekends – Usually one day of cardio.
    I also do about 10-15 minutes of abs 3-4 days a week.

    I’ve been taking Iso-Fusion Protein Shakes. According to the label, one serving is 25g. I’ve been doing two servings per shake, twice a day – once in the morning with breakfast and one right after my workout. I realize you have a different preferred brand, and I am open to switching. I’m 6’4″, 240 lbs. However, I would like to weigh anywhere from 215-225.

    Usually I have either chicken or pork with lunch and dinner along with a vegetable. Lunch sometimes isn’t always that healthy, but dinner almost always is. I also usually have a bowl of fruit when I get home from work (5ish) before my workout.

    When I’ve added it up, this doesn’t seem to be enough protein – I’m looking at 160-170 grams according to my estimation. I realize I need to up it, but I’m not sure how to do that while trying to lose weight and add muscle at the same time. Thanks!

    • Don’t worry too much about the brand of protein, at least you’re getting the protein in.

      Increase the protein with real food, you’re having enough shakes, but I think you need to throw another piece of chicken breast into your diet, and even some eggs whites. That alone could bring you up to 225g of protein.

      As far as dropping fat while increasing muscle, it’s going to take some fine tuning of your diet, but I think you can pull it off. I’ve got an article on here about bodybuilding macros, check it out, determine your daily calories and increase that by about 250-500 calories/day from clean foods. This would qualify as a “clean/slow bulk”. Then make sure to hit cardio and intense weight sessions to burn up those extra calories, reducing fat and building muscle.

      You can also feel free to email me if you ever need advice Will.

  50. Hey Anthony,

    As a vegetarian, it is hard to obtain the 1-1.5g/lb I need to build muscle. What would you suggest? I’m 20 years old and weigh about 135lbs. I only drink 1 protein shake per day after my workout, which gives me about 60g of protein. I try to the get rest of my protein from various other foods, but many times I still feel as if though I’m not getting enough. I’m guessing that you would suggest drinking 2 protein shakes per day, but then would it be okay that I’m not getting most of my protein from real food? And just to clarify, is the 1-1.5g/lb amount just for people who want to build muscle, or for everyone?

    • Bring it up to 2 protein shakes a day.

      There’s also – peanut butter, almonds, fish (some vegetarians eat fish), greek yogurt.

      The 1-1.5g/day is definitely for people that want to build muscle/bodybuilders, not just regular people.
      Even so, there’s a lot of debate about the actual protein requirements for bodybuilders, however, I have
      had good experiencing with 1-1.5g/lb

  51. If you want to build muscle, working out 6/7 days a week is too much.. you should’t train like that unless you’re on steroids..

    • That’s not true.

      Working out the same body part 4-5x a week, yes, but if you worked out 1 body part a day, for 6-7 days you wouldn’t
      over train.

      Also, I train with weights 4-5x a week, and cardio the other days. That’s technically working out 6-7 days/ week.

      I get what you’re saying, but you need to be more clear.

      Working out like the pro’s is impossible without steroids, that’d make more sense.

  52. Hey Anthony
    If i am trying to lose weight and i work out twice a day how many protein shakes should i have? I work out at 1:00 and 8. But i am trying to lose weight to by eating less. would having a protein shake help me to stay full more?

    • Hey Jaclyn,

      Thanks for commenting, it’s great that you have the dedication to hit the gym twice in one day. Some days I barely have the energy to hit it once! Lol.
      Just don’t over-exert yourself. In most cases once/day is plenty, but if twice is working for you, keep it up sister!

      To answer your questions:

      1. The protein shake will definitely help you feel more full, protein has that effect.
      2. I think two protein shakes should be good, once in the morning, and one immediately after your last weight training session of the day.

      Feel free to ask any more questions, I’m here for ya.

  53. I’m 47 yrs, 165 lb.s with high body fat (Endomorph?) and want to build muscle and burn fat. I do full body workout m-w-f-(3 )days and cardio 2-3 days Tues- thr.- sat.
    I know it is hard to do both but if I loose body fat first, I’ll be 125 lb’s
    I’ve been getting into shape for a few months now and just started this program but with all the mumbo jumbo, I cant for the life of me figure out what to eat. Carbs, protein, calories etc…
    for success.
    I do use my shake on work out days and will switch for GNC to Optimum Nutrition (thanks).
    Is there any charts of what my nutrition should be and good tools to keep track?
    I know eating is important and what and how much is just as much to lead to success.
    Thanks in advance…

    • I have a blog post written on this website called Bodybuilding Macros, check it out.
      It walks you through step by step how much protein you need, carbs, fat, total calories, etc.

      I think it will really help you.

      alternatively, I create custom meal plans and workout routines custom tailored to your body type
      and for your goals.

      If that’s something you’re interested in, shoot me an email and we’ll get you hooked up.

  54. Hey Anthony,
    I work out every day but the time of my workouts normally are in the afternoon or late evening due to my schedule. I am 22 about 5’10 and 185. I’m trying to break 190 but I’m having a hard time reaching that plateau. I take a protein shake immediately after I workout (about two scoops of Amp Whey). I saw your post about how expensive GNC is so im going to try and find any alternative. Any suggestions? Anyway, I guess what my question is should I drink a protein shake in the morning before I start my day? Any ideas how I can reach that plateau? Thanks!

    • Hey George,

      Thanks for writing me dude 🙂

      GNC is usually really expensive. In most cases I would never recommend ANYBODY to shop there.
      However, they recently ran a promotion where you could get 5lb of whey for like $32.

      I was shocked, man!

      I guess they made me eat my words, eh?


      Well, the promotion sold out in hours, and it’s no longer available. So I’m back to hating on them :).

      Sorry for the rant…

      To answer your question, yes drinking a protein shake in the morning is an excellent idea. Also, if you’re actively trying
      to GAIN weight make sure you are mixing your protein with MILK and not water. Milk will give you some extra calories that will
      help you gain weight and reach your plateau.

      Your welcome bro!

  55. What up ant. I am curious and have a question. I am working out 5 days a week doing 15min cardio after each workout. My diet isn’t really in check as I’m trying to pack on a few pounds. I currently am taking 1 protein shake in the morning and one protein/creatine shake after my workouts..should I also take a shake before bed? I currently weigh 190. One scoop of whey body tech protein is ab 20 grams protein?

    • Hey dude,

      get that diet in check man! 🙂 C’mon. You know how important that is.
      Are you mixing your protein shakes with milk? If not, start mixing it with milk for extra calories.
      Protein is very important, but at the end of the day it’s total amount of calories that determine
      wether you gain weight or not. So mix with milk if your goal is to add size.

      Also, I don’t see anything wrong with taking a shake before bed, it’s not going to hurt, but if you’re already
      drinking two in the daytime and not adding any pounds I don’t want you to spend a lot of money on supplements
      you don’t need yet. Get that diet in check and save yourself some cash 🙂

      If you decide to use a protein shake before bed, check out Casein Protein. It digests more slowly than Whey. This keeps
      your muscles fed for hours while you sleep.

    • Hey James,

      The program looks pretty good, man.
      You don’t have to worry about having kids lol, I promise.

      The only thing that can mess with that is illegal steroids.
      Not protein shakes.

  56. Thanks man! Im buying the Optimum Nutrition whey today. Ill cut my carbs and eat lots of meat and vegetables. After a month ill let you know if there any progress. thanks for your help. I read the common mistakes in muscles building and you are right about it.

  57. Thanks man i appreciate it. Another thing i do after i work out is i eat a philly cheesetake footlong at subway. I just think it has lots of protein. Is that good?
    So much carbs do i have to take per day. I want to gain muscles and yet want to be cut. Do i have to increase my protein shake per day? And i got a another question. Is good to take BCAA supplements. Right now i only take multi vitamins and protein shake. Caffeine has an adverse effect on me thats why i dont take amino energy or NO explode!

    • It’s not horrible, but it’s not ideal. Not if you’re cutting, at least :/. I have a subway literally right next door to my gym it’s very tempting. Maybe allow yourself 1 day a week for the subway.
      Your protein shake intake looks fine, no more than 1 or 2 should be fine. BCAA supplements are fine, but usually there are BCAA in the protein shake itself, are you using Optimum Nutrition 100% Whey? I recommend it :).

      You will be fine with just a protein shake.

  58. Hi Anthony. I am 32 years old 5^6. I want my six pack to come out. i have been working out for almost a year now. When i started i was 145lbs with 18% body fat and i went on a diet like very strict diet ,few carbs and more on meat and protein shake once a day, after few months i went down to 135lbs which i think was not good because i wanted to gain muscles . So i thought i had to eat more protein after few months i have seen some results that i gain muscles and im back to 145 and yet my body fat is still 17.5% i am wondering why that is.
    Here is my Diet plan
    3/4 cups of oatmeal with berries and Raisins.
    mushrooms and spinach Omelet
    1 cup pure orange juice

    In between is 1 scoop of protein with a banana with water and ice

    2 pcs of leg quarters a cup of broccoli and peanut butter sandwich

    2pcs of leg quarter chicken or fish, some times steak with broccoli

    Then in between i eat fruits

    Is this diet plan good or not. Please let me know. Regarding my workout. here is my schedule
    Monday – Chest Triceps/abs
    Tuesday- Back Biceps/abs
    Wednesday- Shoulders legs/abs
    Thursday- chest, back or triceps/ cardio 3 minutes
    Friday, Back, Cardio 30 minutes
    Saturday legs /Cardio/30 minutes
    Sunday rest

    Am i doing the right thing or not please let me know. I only do cardio at night time or after i work out. Please let me know what i can do so that i can get my abs come out sooner. Do i have to do more cardio.? I have a flat stomach but not with abs my upper abs are kind of coming out. have some fat on my oblique side, Im thinking maybe i have to get rid of the fats on those sides before i get my six pack. A trainer told me that i when get down to 10% body fat they would come out. What should i do?
    If you could give me some advice i would appreciate it.

    • Hey Mherts,

      I already see a few things would change with the diet.

      First, too much sugar if you want to strictly cut.
      Limit the amount of sugar/fruits to maybe 1 time a day
      preferably with your protein shake.

      Also, the orange juice. It’s pretty much empty calories, it’s
      not going to get you any closer to your goals right now.

      Cut out all calorie beverages during your cut. Stick strictly to water
      and 0 calorie drinks.

      Ditch the peanut butter sandwiches. I get the vibe your carbs are a bit too

      Also, if you’re trying to cut I’d definitely recommend more cardio.

      When cutting I usually do cardio 3-5 days a week.

      I hope this helps, feel free to ask more questions dude 🙂

  59. Hi! I was wondering if its different with women? Im 5’5 and 148 lbs? And I just wanted to drop maybe 10 lbs and just tone up? The supplement I bought was soy based, because I read soy supposedly helps the “feminine” curves? If you can help me in anyway that’d be great!

    • No, it’s not any different :). In fact, the only thing different is that you should eat less than a man would. You should train with heavy weights like a man, you should take protein supplements like a man would, etc.

      The soy doesn’t help the feminine curves, but there’s a common myth among bodybuilders that says soy promotes estrogen production, estrogen is a female hormone which explains why male bodybuilders stay away from it when they hear this myth. I have a hunch it’s also a good marketing tool for targeting women that want to get in shape, by telling them it’s better for women/will help the feminine curves :-p

      Whey protein is more anabolic (don’t let the word scare you) it just means it’s slightly better at building muscle.

      This is my cousin, she drinks whey protein regularly.

  60. Hey Anthony, im 15, 135 lbs and want to start building more muscle.I work out 6-7 days a week and do every muscle group . ive been taking a protein shake in the morning with my breakfast, eating normal school lunch, then i have weight training. when i get home i eat a small snack, hit up the neighborhood gym, and take another shake immediately when i get back, followed by a high protein dinner a few hours later. id like to keep building muscle for a few months then start cutting around april for summer. Am i doing this right or should i change something?

    • Hey Matt,

      First, you’re young so with dedication just know that the results are going to come. I remember when I was younger and first started working out, it felt like forever to see any results, but rest assured they will come. All of my friends know me as the guy who never stopped working out. They don’t have to ask me if I still go to the gym, they know I’d never stop.

      Second, are you using milk to mix your protein shakes? If you’re trying to gain weight I would definitely recommend using milk to mix them and not water.
      I only use water when I am trying to lose weight.

      It sounds like you’re doing really good, especially in the gym. Just make sure you eat a lot of food, lots of protein!

  61. Hey Anthony okay I am 5″11 210 I’m trying to get cut but the last time I tried I lost 22 pounds but my weight in everything else also dropped so I’m trying again I’m taking optimum nutrion whey once a day after a workout along with kre alkalyb and cla I lift 5 days a weeka dn cardio about 2-3 should I add another shake I eat healthy no garbage any tips suggestions I bought the 10lb bag off amazon for 100 that’s a steal but I don’t want to burn money like crazy

    • Hey Dylan,

      When you cut, you should expect to lose some strength. This is completely normal.
      The best advice I have for maintaining strength/muscle while cutting fat is to keep your protein intake very high
      and continue lifting heavy weights. So yes, I would definitely recommend you take 2 protein shakes a day.

  62. Hey! I’m taking up 26g of protein from my protein shake after workouts and leave all of my protein intake on eggs and lean meats, Im just wondering if that’s enough or I’m doing it wrong?

    • Hey Michael,

      I need to know more like how much do you weight? How often are you lifting in the gym, etc.

      However, from the sounds of it you’re doing it right – You’re getting most of your nutrients from whole food sources
      and not supplements – good job 🙂

      • Hey Anthony awesome post just had a couple questions: I’m trying to get bigger I’m 6’2 and 175 lbs I would like to get up around 190lbs. I have a 3 day rotation
        Day 1- chest and shoulders
        Day2- back and legs
        Day 3-arms
        Day4- rest
        And abs each day

        I have been taking 3 whey protein shakes a day after breakfast and before bed I use milk and after my workout I use water. I eat fairly healthy mostly chicken and rice or hamburg with rice. But I haven’t been gaining weight wondering if there is something different I could do to gain weight? Thinking of starting to use creatine ? Any suggestions ?

        • Creatine is a great supplement. I’d definitely recommend it, but get regular creatine monohydrate, you don’t need all those fancy creatine blends that come with the extra high price tag $$. Also, do whatever you can do get extra calories in (clean calories). You told me about your training, but gaining weight us usually a matter of nutrition. If you could tell me what an average day of eating is like for you I’d be able to make a better recommendation :/

  63. hey i have started a liquid diet so for the past two days ive ate nothing and just drank protein shakes, what would be the limit of protein shakes in a day?

    • Hey Taylor,

      First, I would never recommend a liquid diet. It just isn’t healthy and the results are going to be temporary.
      Second, If it’s taking more than 3 protein shakes to meet your protein intake requirement there is something wrong with your diet.

      Please consider following a diet consisting of whole foods. If your goal is to lose weight I can write a custom workout plan and exercise routine for you.
      If you’re interested, simply email me at and we’ll discuss 🙂

      I’ll have you lookin’ like a million bux in no time

  64. Im trying to build muscle (lower body) & it seems its not working! I eat whole foods everyday and foods with alot of carbs (or at least i try to).I workout 3 days a week. The protein shakes I have are two different brands but I only started to drink one of them. I don’t get the powder kind,just the premade ones.The first one is EAS it contains 17g of protein. The other is Muscle Milk which contains 20g of protein. Should I consume the entire bottle everyday or just on my workout days???
    So far I only drink half the bottle b/c I heard if you drink too much,it’ll cause kidney problems. PLEASE HELP

  65. Hey Anthony love the article help a lot….. I have this problem trying to get a bigger more ripped chest i work out 5 days a week eat healthy weight 170 and am 5’10 also am 10 percent body fat … Do you think i should take 2 protein shakes a day to help ? … I take gold standard whey 24 grams protein when am done with my workout .

  66. I am a beginner to all ofthis have been doing gym work for years with no real knowledge of my diet or protein consumption. its still all a bit to complicated for me. i haveno problem with the working out side of it, just dont think it is possible for me to be eating 6 – 7 meals a day. do you think i could acheive rapid muscle gain from the normal three meals a day followed by two – three protein shakes a day and if so when would you recommend i shouldbe taking the shakes ?

    • Yes you can build muscle on 3 meals a day.
      The 6-7 meals a day thing is just to make it easier to stomach a bunch of small meals
      rather than 3-4 big meals.

      It’s all about what’s going in at the end of the day, doesn’t matter how many times you
      ate to get it all in

  67. Hey Anthony I’m 16 years old and I workout everysingle weekday for about 2 hours I do a lot of situps and pushups, but I was curious to know how many protein shakes I should consume in one day. I weigh 145, and I’m about 5’8. The protein supplement I have been taking rite now contains 32grams of protein and I take it immediately after I workout. But I feel like that’s not really enough, and that i should be having another one sometime before I workout. What do you think?

    • I would definitely add another shake in the morning or afternoon around lunch time. Also, if possible, I would try to workout more than just the weekend. Is it possible for you to get in the gym at all during the week?

  68. hey bro!!….need ur hlp….
    it’s my 3rd mnth in gym,,,,nd this week only i have started with gaspari intra pro,,i train every muscle twice a week,,,just wanted to ask u that how much protein supplement should i consume,,nd when??
    along with protein supplement,,,i also go for 8 eggs/day,,,

  69. Anthony.
    I’m 5’11 and 152 lbs and my situation is atypical. I’m a pescetarian (a vegetarian that eats seafood) and I’m new to the weight lifting game. My routine is as follows.

    1 mile light warm up run (around 9 minutes) before every workout day.

    Monday: Chest, Triceps, Delts, Abs (light)
    Tuesday: Rest
    Wednesday: Back, Biceps, Traps, Forearms, Abs (light)
    Thursday: Rest
    Friday: Quads, Glutes, Hamstrings, Calves, Abs (light).
    Saturday: Rest
    Sunday: Abs (heavy)

    I do my workout early (around 4 a.m.) before an 8 hour work day. My shake routine is;

    Wake up: 50 grams of MusclePharm Assault protein.


    Post workout shake: 50 grams of MusclePharm Assault protein.

    Breakfast is on the goal, usually two hard boiled eggs.

    Around 10 p.m. a 20 gram Clif; Builders protein bar.

    Lunch: 6″ tuna sub on wheat.

    Around 5 p.m.: 50 grams of MusclePharm Assault protein.

    Dinner: Fish (varies), around 30 grams of protein.

    Pre-bed shake: 25 grams of MusclePharm Casein protein.

    My goal here is to put on some mass and as anyone would want, as much as possible as soon as possible. Since I’m new to the game and only a month deep into this routine, I’m not sure if I’m getting enough protein, or if I should pull it back. I would like your input on the above routine and if any kinks should be worked out, I would prefer to do them early in the game than later on.

    Also, great forum. Good looking out for everyone’s best interest in helping them achieve their goals. Keep up the good work.

    • Hey Zachariah,

      I’d need to know exactly the the exercises and reps/sets you do for those muscle groups.

      However, as far as your protein intake goes I think you’re good. I would trade some of the protein bars/shakes for real food though.
      In one day you’re having a protein bar, and 3 1/2 protein shakes.

      Thanks for the positive feedback! 🙂

      Also, remember – I design custom workout routines and diets. Simply email me
      and we can discuss

  70. hi Anthony, i waw wondering if you could help me. i am currently 180 lbs and measure 5’9″ about 17 percent body fat. i been doing P90X but i think i hit plateau. could you give a meal plan? what else can i do to get get down to 6% body fat.

    • Hey Javier!

      I actually just started offering custom meal plans due to high demand.
      If you’re still interested contact me at my personal email address –
      and we can discuss your goals.

  71. Hi Anthony,

    I need ur serious help bcoz am not gaining muscle mass even after being on good diet with 3 scoops of protein supplements.
    I am working out for around 4 months and being on diet since last 2 months.
    I have 12 eggs a day,i have them three times a day,4 eggs eachtime and also have chicken breats 2 times a day 300-400 grams at a not having high calorie diet bcoz i still have fats around my stomach but nowher else my body..i have 3 scoops of protein in a day..In morning then after workout later right bfore going to bed..i dont know what the problem is but am not gaining muscle.
    From 2 months my weight is just flickering between 72-73kg..plss help me..
    Sorry for my bad english..:)

    • Hey Diptesh,

      You’ve got to choose a goal and run with it.

      From the sounds of your comment, you’re trying to gain mass and remove fat at the same time.
      This is a difficult task to do.

      If I were you, I would concentrate on one goal.

      If you want to gain mass, you need to eat a high calorie diet (which you say you are not).
      If you want to get the extra fat off your stomach, you need to restrict calories, perform cardio,
      and do a full body workout routine 3-4x a week, with little rest inbetween sets.

  72. Hi I weight like 115 lbs and I’m super skinny, I was told that if I workout I’d get bigger and look less lean. Recently a guy I saw at the gym told me to start drinking 3 protein shakes a day and I’d get a little fatter/ I wouldn’t look so skinny. Is that true? I eat a ton but I have a really high metabolism

    • It’s not 100% true. It really depends on how many calories those 3 shakes have and what else you are eating throughout the day.
      If you weren’t eating very much food and drank 3 protein shakes, you might not gain much weight. If you were eating a lot of food
      AND consuming 3 protein shakes, then you would gain weight.

  73. Just want to say this is one of the most honest and helpful pages around on this topic, a true diamond in a sea of bollocks, hehehe 🙂 great work Anthony! I’m using Maximuscle Progain at the moment. Don’t like the taste but as you said, results are the priority! I’m 6″3 and a light 11 stone, I had tone and definition but a little lanky before, but seeing quicker results thanks to you. The 2 shakes per workout day and 1 shake per rest day is a great idea.

  74. I’m 16 and have been going to the gym for about 5 weeks. I want to get as big as possible as quick as I can. Which is like most of the male popularity. I’m not seeing much progress at all, I have a Hench nutrition protein which contains 1000g calories per serving and 50g protein per serving, I mix it with around 400ml milk and drink it after a workout.
    I don’t think I eat well enough, I need to be on a strict diet. Do you know where I can find a diet plan?

    • I’m actually thinking of offering a service on my website where I create custom workouts and diet plans. Do you think that would be a good idea? It’s still just an idea in my head… haven’t acted on it yet.

  75. Just wanted to say thanks for this article!

    I’m trying to bulk up on a fairly decent routine for the first time in my life. 5’10 160(fluctuates a lot) I hit the gym twice a week and workout at home my offdays.

    I’m feeling gains slightly, upping my weight on my lifts but for some reason not blowing up.

    I have a pretty set diet
    cereal, yogurt and a banana for breakfast

    snack bar, sandwhich, chili or soup, nuts, beef jerky,
    yogurt, and chips for lunch and throughout my shift

    I’ve usually just been eating a little bit at night, gym nights I take a protein shake to the gym, drink it as i finish my cycle and come home and eat some oven food(popcorn shrimp, fish sandwhiches, pizza) I know the oven food is bad news technically but since I have so much trouble gaining any weight I’m feeling like I can eat anything regardless, my job has me running around all day so I burn everything off that I eat throughout a day( once weighed myself before and after work on a non gym day before eating dinner and I weighed the same exact amount)

    I guess it’s worth taking 1 protein shake daily with breakfast and another at night on workout days? I was afraid this would somehow get me fat. I take 6 star whey and I’ve been cycling creatine 3 weeks on 3 weeks off.

    Anyway….sorry for the horrible grammar but I love your advice, I’m gonna up my shake intake since I feel like my whole foods is rather decent in amount

    • Hey Adam!

      Thanks for the comment dude. I’m happy to hear that you liked my article.

      It sounds like you’re on the right track.

      From the way it sounds, you’re not going to get fat. Your body type doesn’t store fat easily.
      And if you do store fat, you’re probably going to be able to lose it quickly. So don’t worry
      about gaining fat for now. Just EAT, EAT, EAT! 🙂

      If you’re having trouble gaining weight there’s a few things you can try.

      1. Milk – Mix your protein shakes with MILK instead of WATER. The milk will add some extra calories. Also, chocolate milk is a great post-workout drink. Lot’s of calories and protein. I used to drink so much chocolate milk it’s crazy.

      2. Buffets – If you’ve got the money, hit the buffet once a week or so.

      3. Keep the cardio to a minimum. Cardio burns calories, you don’t want to burn any extra calories right now.

      Keep me updated on your progress Adam.

      • i read your article and found it really useful!!

        im 6″ and 246 lbs. i work 9-5 and have a sick mother to take care of after hours. so i do gym in the morning (5,6 am -7) i drink a myoplex after every workout and try eating at 3 hour intervals. my breakfast consist of 5 turkey sausage links and usually half a bagel with low fat cream cheese. i hit the gym usually 30 mins after breakfast.. then myoplex after.. and around 10 i have me a “Premeir Nutrition 30g protein” bar. a leancuisine (or other brand) around lunch (1pm) then usually just dinner later around 6.. chicken,steak,fish with white rice.. i know i should avoid the rice.. but any other tips you can offer? trying to lose fat. but also bulk up since im pretty much plain chunky. and am i doing anything wrong? i was considering a pre-workout suppliment to improve gains..i was thinking of using EAS Phos Force to compliment the myoplex.. but is it a bad idea considering breakfast is 30 mins before workout? what would be the best time to ingest this… lol and sorry for the complex message.


        • Hey Emir,

          I’m happy you found it useful!

          It sounds pretty solid. Some changes I would make are:
          get rid of the cream cheese. switch the white rice to brown rice.

          I also recommend you choose a goal. Bulk or Cut. Trying to do both
          can be a bit like trying to sit and stand at the same time haha.

          What are you doing for cardio?

  76. Okay I’ll order some soon and let you know if it’s effective for me. How many times should I work on my arms a week? I go to the gym about 4 maybe 5 times a week and just work on arms/abs/shoulders/chest. Is that the best thing to do?

    • Josh, the muscles in our arms are relatively small (compared to something like legs, back, etc). If you’ve got good genetics, you might not even need to train your arms directly at all. Biceps should get plenty of stimulation from your back workouts and triceps should get plenty of stimulation from your chest and shoulder workouts. If you feel like your arms aren’t progressing as quickly as they should be and that they need direct training, once a week is plenty. Don’t baby them though. Even though they are small muscles you need to train them intensely.

  77. Hey Anthony

    I been working out quit a bit for the last 2 months and i am trying to get ripped not buff/huge.

    i weigh 145lbs and am 5’9
    i do about 3 to 4 lifting days a week and running 4 days a week and starting to now bike.
    I am really looking to get that upper body toned and looking ripped around my upper body and chest since i am pretty slim in those areas.

    What kind of protein and how much of the protein should i take to just be trying to be ripped like that? if that is a option.

    Another question i had was i was told lets say one day some one stops with protein and continues working out and or stop working out does all what gained of muscle go away quick?

    • Hey Kyle, thanks for the comment man. I appreciate it.
      3-4 days of lifting is perfect, you’re on the right track – definitely.

      If I were you, I would get some whey protein, specifically Optimum Nutrition 100% Whey. I would take 2 scoops mixed with water or milk (water if you’re trying to avoid gaining fat, but it at your height/weight it sounds like milk would be fine). Take this shake immediately after your workout. Whey protein is fast acting, your body will digest it very quickly. That means the protein goes straight to your muscles within about 30 minutes and gives them what they need to become bigger and stronger.

      If you have the extra cash, I would also invest into some casein protein. Take 2 scoops mixed with milk before bed. Casein is a slow digesting protein. Taking this protein shake before bed will make sure your muscles are getting nutrients throughout the night. Again, my favorite brand is Optimum Nutrition and they also have a Casein protein. It’s not 100% necessarily, but if you have the cash it’s a good investment. Whey is more important though. So make sure you get that first.

    • Oh, and to answer your last question…

      If you quit taking the protein the muscle won’t go away. Just make sure you’re still eating healthy – lots of natural protein rich foods like chicken, fish, steak, lean hamburger, turkey, etc.

      However, if you stop working out, yes the muscle will go away – but it takes a while. I would say it takes about 2 weeks before a natural bodybuilder start losing significant muscle.

      It’s just like anything else in life – you stop putting in the effort, you stop reaping the rewards. If you stop going to work – you stop getting paid. If you stop going to school and
      doing your homework – you stop getting passing grades, right?

      There’s a simple solution though – never stop! 😉

      Have a good one, dude. I’m here to answer any questions you might have. Take care.

      • Hey Anthony.

        I’m 6ft 1′ tall and weigh around 166 pounds. I’d consider myself an ectomorph and I’m looking to gain lean mass and achieve a a slim yet muscular physique. I was just wondering if you could take a look at my routine and diet and see if it’s going to get me results.

        Monday – chest and triceps
        Tuesday – Rest
        Wednesday – traps and biceps
        Thursday – Rest
        Friday – shoulders and lats
        Weekend – rest

        I’m looking to consume around 160grams of protein per day and 360grams of carbs on workout days, and 200 on rest days; all through 4 meals a day. Is that ok?

        Lastly, how many protein shakes would you reccomend on workout days and on rest days? Also what time of day should I look to take them?


        • Hey Dylan,

          First thing I notice is that you’re not training legs most importantly!
          Also you’re not training back.

          Fit those into the schedule somehow and then let me check it out.

          Also, I would increase the protein slightly.

          2 protein shakes should be good.

  78. I’m 5’9″ and 162 lb..
    I started drinking two protein shakes a day (one after workout in the morning and one before bed 48gr of protein each), and eating a healthy diet (chicken, fish, meat, whole grains).. but when I reached 160 lb I noticed i was gaining belly fat.
    What would you recommend>
    I do weightlifting 4 times a week and cardio 5..
    Do I have to stop drinking the protein shake at night ?

    • What type of protein shake are you taking? Most whey shakes only contain around ~100 calories per serving, so I seriously doubt you’re gaining extra fat because of the protein shakes. So no, I would not stop drinking the one at night. Are you mixing your protein with milk or what? If you’re mixing it with milk that could be adding a few too many calories. Try mixing with water. It doesn’t taste nearly as good, but then again we’re in this for results, not taste, right? :).

      Let me know what kind of protein you’re taking so I can do some research. The protein itself might be designed as a “Weight Gainer” with a lot of extra calories. If that’s the case I can recommend some alternatives without the extra calories.

      Thanks for the comment Armando.

      • The one that I’ve been drinking is the Syntha-6. I stopped taking it at night and i ve lost some belly fat.
        Now I changed for the Optimum nutrition 100 Whey gold standard. I was told that this is the best.
        How many scoops during the day?
        Another concern. When is it best to do cardio? I do it as son as im done with weightlifting. Should I drink the protein shake between weightlifting and cardio? O after the cardio?
        Thanks for your help…

        • Armando, 2 scoops during the day is plenty.

          In my experience, I got the best results doing my cardio first thing in the morning.

          I still remember waking up at 6am and jump-roping in front of my Mom’s condo. All of the highschool kids waiting for the bus would stare and laugh at me LOL!

          It’s okay if you’re doing your cardio right after weightlifting. As long as you’re doing it (because most people skip it!)

          If you’re doing intense cardio like running, drink the protein AFTER your cardio. I don’t know about you, but if I drink a protein shake and then start doing some intense cardio I’m probably going to puke!

          If you’re doing something like stair-stepper you can drink your protein before the cardio to feed your muscles faster. It probably won’t upset your stomach if it’s low-intensity cardio like stairs.

          Hope this helps!

  79. I have a 130 ml scoop with my protein shake and I only take one scoop with 500ml of milk about 15 minutes after my workout, am I doing anything wrong? Any tips on what I can do? I want to know what to do on non work out days too.

    • That’s actually perfect. I assume your protein shake is whey? Whey protein is a fast-acting protein so it gets your muscles the nutrition they need immediately. This is really important after a workout. I would suggest possible drinking another protein shake early in the morning as well. As far as tips go, you’re doing pretty good. I would say drink 2 protein shakes on your workout days, and 1 protein shake on your non-workout day. Make sure you’re eating a healthy diet as well. Don’t rely too heavily on supplements.

      • Nope my protein shake is Maximuscle progain! I’ve started to use two scoops now, is that okay to do? Thanks for the tips.

        • Hey Josh, I did a little research on your situation.

          Let me explain dude :).

          There are several “types” of protein. Whey protein, egg protein, soy protein and casein protein.

          I looked up Maximusle Progain and it turns out the type of protein it is, is whey protein.

          Whey protein is the quickest digesting protein, so it is PERFECT for after you’ve worked out
          with weights.

          Anyway, to answer your question – Yes! It is absolutely okay that you started using 2 scoops.
          That’s actually what I recently started doing as well.

          Keep up the good work bro and download my free report if you haven’t yet!
          You can get it here:

          Keep up the good work man and let me know if there’s any way I can help
          you make more progress in the gym.

          Take care,

          Maximuscle Program

          • Alright thanks a lot buddy! I’ve been told to have creatine tables before workouts aswell as it stops the burn so you can work out for longer? I saw it was like £8 for 120 capsules, do you recommend these? And do you know any websites where I can get cheap protein shake from that is really good?

          • Creatine is definitely one of the most effective supplements. If you want to get bigger and stronger, it will help. I personally never used capsules, I always used unflavored powder monohydrate creatine.It’s cheap and effective, but I’ll be honest it tastes terrible and doesn’t always mix well. Some brands are almost like drinking a glass of water with sand in it. Ew! 120 capsules for £8 is cheap, it can’t hurt to try. I’d say buy it if you can afford it. Give it a try and let me know how it goes Josh.

  80. Hey Anthony, I just got back into working out and am now primarily focused on building upper body. I was told to try and consume 350g of protein and am trying to figure out the best sources to get that from. I am starting to take 3 protein shakes a day and eatting in between, but still feel like I am struggling to get to that 350. Any recommendations on supplements I can benefit the most from and what I should focus on eatting inbetween shakes? Thanks!

    • 350g of protein a day is way too much man. High protein diets are great for packing on muscle and keeping off fat, but after a certain number of grams the rest of the protein gets expelled from your body without being used. The general rule of thumb is to consume 1-1.5grams of protein for every lean pound of bodyweight

      • This was very helpful! I was wondering…
        Right now I go to the gym about 5-6 times a week, working almost every muscle group twice a week. I take one protein shake (3 scoops of amplified whey, 60g of protein) post workout. Would you suggest moving up to two shakes a day? And if so at what times?
        I have a set diet right now; Special K protein plus & soy milk w/ a fruit for breakfast, a whole grain sandwich for lunch with a fruit, then at dinner I have some soup and a fruit. suggestions?

        • Hey Manny,

          You’re already doing great by taking that one shake post-workout. I might suggest adding another protein shake in the morning with your breakfast or a few hours after your breakfast.

          Here are some other suggestions: Switch to a different whey supplement. Amplified is really expensive! In general, I do not recommend that anybody ever shop at GNC. Their stuff is just way over-priced. Instead, I recommend you shop at VitaminShoppe if you have one near by. There’s also Costco/Sams Club. You can find whey protein for a great deal at those places. Lastly, you could also order from Amazon or Bodybuilding.

          My preferred Whey supplement is Optimum Nutrition 100% whey. I’m happy with the results, taste, and the price.

          As for your diet. I would definitely recommend adding some more whole foods in there. Special K protein is alright, but some eggs and oatmeal would be much better. Also for lunch and dinner consider having your main protein dish something like chicken breast, turkey burger, fish, steak, etc rather than a sandwich. Then you could have some fruit/veggies on the side.

          Goodluck, let me know how it goes.

  81. Anthony. I love your post. I believe the biggest problems come from not knowing there for we take it upon ourselves to just do what others are doing. In fact it is not good to do so. I was told that in order to loose weight do not take protein shakes because they will get you fatter, rather eat lots of tune and only water for 90 days… but that left me wondering if that is even healthy to do. I know that since the days of cavemen we could live of that and it is the basics for nutrition but yet i felt weak when working out and pushing “1 more rep” mindset. I found that combining both food and protein shakes i was able to gain strength and energy even when cutting down my food consumptions. I thank you for your post.

    • Thanks Damian. Whoever said protein sahkes will make you fatter is crazy! Most of the protein supplements I use don’t even have more than 100calories per serving(When mixed with water). There’s no way 100 calories is going to make you fat.

  82. im 16 years old im 5″6 and im about 190 lbs i was wondering is it okay to consume a pound of fish and half pound of chicken a day and additional 5 protein shakes a day? my protein consumption is about 250 – 300 grams a day.. do u think its finee? i workout 6 times a week and now my goal is to get ripped before the summer holidays, im taking fat burner also at this timee..

    • Too many protein shakes! If you’re taking in that much fish and chicken, 1 or 2 protein shakes should be plenty.

  83. Hmmm..thats very interesting Anthony…I love reading about protein. I guess we all really need protein shakes then, because otherwise that would be a LOT of chicken, tuna, salmon, beef, etc. huh? Thanks for the info. 🙂

    • Thanks Sheila! I think a huge problem is that too many people try to get the majority of their nutrients from supplements and fill in the gaps with real food. They’re doing it completely backwards

      • The protein shake I take after a work out is 52g of protein, would it be ill-advised to take two of those in one day? I’m not doing so now, and didn’t plan on it any time soon since I’m beginning to get back into working out, I’ve just been taking one of those after my work out, and one between a meal on my off days. I was planning on upping my intake of whole food protein as well, and considering taking another shake each day but was skeptical about it.
        I know this post is old, but great information Anthony, thanks.

        • Taking 2 of those in 1 day is perfectly fine, it will cause absolutely no problems.

          Make sure you’re eating lots of real food too though.

          Goodluck, keep up the hard work. Let me know if there is any way I can help Marty.

          – Anthony

          • hi mate,

            I eat 5 times a day , however i work in an office so not burning anything all day !..
            I work out at 7pm , can you help me on when to take shakes as i struggle with my main meal after a shake …..?

          • Hey Gareth,

            I work in an office too, from 9am to 5pm, behind a computer monitor typing away, so I feel your pain.

            I had a similar problem too, I would have my post-workout shake and then my stomach was too full for me to eat my dinner. One thing that really helped was mixing water with my protein shake instead of milk. The water is a lot lighter on my stomach than the milk, and I’m ready to eat my dinner in an hour or so.

            Also, try drinking your protein shake sooner than usual. If you usually mix your post-workout shake as soon as you get home from the gym, I would suggest packing your protein shake in your gym bag, carrying it around the gym in a shaker cup, and mix it together at the drinking fountain during your last exercise.

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