Flywheel Review: Everything You Need to Know Before Taking a Ride

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Flywheel Sports is another awesome indoor cycling studio that also offers strengthening and recovery classes.

Before you dive in and sign up, we’ve got you covered with an in-depth Flywheel Review.


If you’ve ever been to specialized studio before, Flywheel definitely fits the bill.

With upbeat and motivating music, awesome amenities and a clean vibe, when it comes to Flywheel, it’s more than a gym class, it’s a whole fitness experience!

Flywheel offers intensely fun and results-driven indoor cycling and off-bike Precision Training workouts in 42 studios nationwide and on demand.

They deliver the technology and coaches you need in order to track progress, reach your fitness goals and get results.

One very awesome benefit of Flywheel are the TorqBoards and Torq measurements (resistance) to track where you are.

And if you’re already confused, don’t worry, the instructors will consistently tell you where you should be in a range for both Torq (the resistance on the bike) and RPM (your speed).

However, unlike other cycling studios, FlyWheel allows you to visualize whether or not you are pushing yourself hard enough.

Every ride features target resistance levels (Torq) and speed (RPM) for the class, but you decide exactly what’s right for you by controlling the technology on your bike.

Each bike has a digitized dial, showing your RPM, Torq, and power points from the class so you know just where you’re at!


What is Flywheel Sports?

Flywheel is an indoor cycling workout that allows everyone, regardless of their fitness level, to unleash their highest potential.

The Flywheel journey started back in 2010 in New York City.

Now, there are over 40 locations across the country! Some of the locations also offer FlyBarre, which is a barre class performed in a separate studio.

The Flywheel room where classes take place is a huge (and totally dark) stadium with bikes packed in tightly, but not as tightly as a CycleBar or SoulCycle classes.

They also have raised-up levels, which makes it easy to look down at the instructor, who is in the center and totally visible to everyone in the room so it’s easy to follow along.

If you need help setting up before class, there are trainers and FlyWheel team members walking around before class to help you set up your bike and get your feet locked into the pedals.

Pro Tip: Reminder emails are automatically sent out before class. There is also an online dashboard where you can see your results and performance after each class.


Flywheel classes are typically 45 minutes long (some classes are 60).

Rides start with a warm-up before you dive into sprints, climbs, intervals, a short upper-body portion using small weighted bars, more riding, and finally a cool down with stretching on and off the bike.

Don’t forget that Flywheel will provide you with complimentary cycling shoes if you need it, which you can find in the cubbies (look for the one that corresponds with your bike number!).

If you have your own pair, Flywheel bikes are typically compatible with SPD and LOOK Delta clips.


How much does Flywheel Cost?

One great thing about Flywheel is that there are no hidden costs!

For example, clip-on cycling shoes are complimentary.

At some locations you can even find fresh fruit and water in the lobby!

There is also an awesome studio shop where you can buy things like tanks, sports bras and more if you forget anything, which is another awesome bonus.      .

There are two membership options at Flywheel: Pack Memberships and Unlimited Memberships.

  • Pack Memberships allow you the option to Fly based on how often you take class each month (or week), and it’ll auto-renew every 30 days. You can choose between a Pack Membership that includes 4, 8, or 12 classes each month. If you use up all of your credits in 1 month, you can purchase additional single classes (about $30) or upgrade to the next Pack Membership level.
  • Unlimited Memberships are your all-access pass for unlimited classes, exclusive perks and serious results. All unlimited memberships require a 3-month commitment and monthly payments are automatic until you cancel.
  • Individual classes cost about $30 (If you buy ten rides, it will only cost you $25/ride).
  • Unlimited spinning is $180/month, which brings it down to $22/ride if you go just twice a week.

Are you a teacher, student, or member of the military?

Fly provides a special rate for you! All you need is to show them your ID card (along with a current schedule for students).

Pro Tip: Included in the rates are use of their free lockers, grooming equipment, changing rooms, showers, bathrooms, free towels, free shoe rentals etc. As you can see, Fly doesn’t hold back with the amenities.


What to expect at your first Flywheel class?

Flywheel classes are cardio based and typically 45 to 60 minutes long.

Instructors choose an awesome playlist with upbeat and motivational music before jumping into a warm-up, followed by sprints, hill climbs and even more sprints to help you burn around 700 calories.

There is also a short upper-body portion during the second half of the class, which requires two weighted bars.

One bar is 2lbs and the other is 4lbs (you can hold both at one time for a 6lb weight).

To finish up the ride, there are a couple of final peak tracks and a short stretching session both on and off the bike.

Each class is equipped with a large TV monitor in the cycle studio that lists participants names and rankings, which you can have the option of being part of during class.

If you choose to participate, your name will appear on the screen, along with your bike number, which gives you your ranking in the class against people of your same sex.

This not only gives you a chance to see how others are doing, but to also see how you are doing in real-time — and sometimes this is all you need to give yourself an extra push!

Pro Tip: The results of each ride get saved in your Flywheel profile, and are accessible online, which makes it easy to track your progress and fitness goals!


Who is Flywheel for?

There are Flywheel workouts for everyone!

Their Method class is their signature, metrics-based HIIT ride and is perfect for beginners, while their Power and Tempo are more advanced, but honestly, their classes are open to everyone, regardless of fitness level.

Flywheel does recommend that you are 13 years of age or older to Fly.

If you’re between 13 and 18, you may register on their site, but you’ll need to have a parent or legal guardian fill out a form before class, so keep that in mind.


Who should avoid Flywheel?

Of course, like any workout during pregnancy, before attending Flywheel, it’s a good idea to talk to your doctor to make sure you are exercising in a safe way for you and your baby.

If you need any modifications due to an injury etc. just speak with one of the instructors before class and they would be glad to help you!


What do you think? Are you ready to Fly? Try it for yourself and get a whole new fitness and cycling experience, especially with Torq!

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