Dr. Stanley Ideal You Review: Is it Michigan’s #1 Weight Loss Program?

by | Sep 17, 2019 | Weight Loss Program Reviews

Get all the help and guidance you need to shed those stubborn pounds and get on the path to an ideal you with the Ideal You Health Center’s Weight Loss Program.

The Ideal You Weight Loss Program is not only doctor supervised, but it’s packed with a nutrition plan, coaches, and weight loss journal so you can hold yourself accountable throughout your journey.

What is Ideal You?

Dr. Shane Stanley and the Ideal You Health Center have been helping people achieve their weight loss goals for almost 10 years. With countless testimonials of people losing weight fast, they have to be doing something right. Let’s take a look at all Ideal You has to offer.

Serving you a full glass of health and wellness, Ideal You offers so many people the chance to change their lives for the better. With a detailed and personalized nutrition plan, and access to doctors and nutritionists, Ideal You will help you lose weight safe, fast, and healthy! No drugs, no surgeries, and no cravings.

Unlike other weight loss programs where they dump the information, give you meals and turn you loose, Dr. Stanley and his team at the Ideal You Health Center will be there every step of your weight loss journey.

How do you know they’ll be there? You will have weigh-ins and meetings with a weight loss coach every 10 days to make sure you are meeting your goals in a safe, healthy, and productive way.

What to expect from the Ideal You Weight Loss Program?

Quick fix cleanses, draining exercise programs, surgery and drugs — are you someone who has tried it all? Lucky for you, the Ideal You might be for you.

The Ideal You Weight Loss Program can give you a healthier, happier life in just 40 days without all the bad stuff! That’s right! That means absolutely no drugs, no surgery, and they don’t require you to exercise!

The Weight Loss Program is all about changing your metabolism from a fat storer to fat burner, and the only way to do that is through nutrition. Believe it or not, weight loss happens in the kitchen.

People tend to forget that what they are putting in their body has more of an impact on weight loss than exercising does. So, instead of draining yourself dry from countless hours of workouts, stick to a healthy nutrition plan like Ideal You and you will be on the road to weight loss.

The Ideal You nutrition plan requires you to stick to a healthy recommended diet of proteins, vegetables, and fruits — that means no processed foods or added sugars! — so body will detox, eliminate excess waste, and burn off your excess fat. This will help you lose weight quickly and reset your metabolism while improving your health and energy so you can become that Ideal You you’ve been striving for.

Pro Tip: Don’t forget to drink plenty of water, get plenty of sleep, eat plenty of protein, and stay away from stress.

Ideal You Weight Loss Program: Nutrition Plan

The Ideal You nutrient plan fills you with energy while your body effortlessly burns through fat. We aren’t talking green juice either. We’re talking real food.

The Ideal You nutrient plan not only focuses on clean eating will all-natural real food choices from NutriMost, but it’s primary focus is to restore balance to your body so you have the energy you need to speed up your metabolism and push through your day.

The best part? You can eat your own food! None of that pre-packaged crap! And absolutely no hunger and no cravings.

Benefits of Dr.Stanley’s Ideal You Weight Loss Program:

The Ideal You Health Center’s Weight Loss Program has so many benefits, there’s no wonder why it’s so fast and easy to lose weight in 40 days.

  • Doctor Supervised
  • Real Food
  • Safe and All-Natural Supplements
  • No Hunger and No Cravings
  • No Exercise Needed
  • No Drugs or Surgery
  • Access to Weight Loss Coaches and Nutritionists
  • Personalized Food List, Nutrition Plan and Weight Loss Journal

Just quick, safe, healthy and sustainable weight loss! All you have to do is schedule a $29 consultation that will be refunded when you sign-up.

The Ideal You Health Center’s Weight Loss Program has real life results from real people who lost over 40lbs in 40 days (results vary for everyone).

If Mojo of Detroit’s most popular morning radio talk show, Channel 95.5’s Mojo in the Morning, can lose over 40 lbs in 40 days with Ideal You, then you can too!

Check out how Ideal You helped Mojo in the Morning’s lose weight.

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