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Mix up your exercise routine and check out CycleBar!

The first premium indoor cycling franchise, CycleBar can help you burn calories and reach your fitness goals in a more unique way.

With their concierge-level service and offerings like CycleStats, they will keep you coming back for more.

Much like SoulCycle and Flywheel, CycleBar makes working out a luxury experience by offering challenging classes with highly energetic instructors with motivating music to fit a certain theme for the ride.

Before we dive into this CycleBar Review, there are a few awesome things you should know about CycleBar (other than the fun and intense cycling workout).

  • You are welcomed right when you walk in the door by a friendly staff member who will show you around and give you all the tips!
  • You get shoes for free along with a complimentary water bottle and snacks! (Water and snack only at specific locations)
  • If you have your own cycling shoes, their bikes are typically compatible with SPD and LOGIK shoes, but I’d check with your location first.
  • They also have lockers that have coded keypads for easy access and safe storage for all of your stuff! Included is access to a locker room, robes, hair ties, wet clothing bags, and other toiletries and things for you to use.

Okay, now let’s dive into the good stuff.


What is CycleBar?

CycleBar is an indoor cycling fitness studio that was founded in 2004 by brother-sister duo Bill Pryor and Alex Klemmer, and since then, the company has been expanding like crazy.

Now, there are over 100 studios open in major cities like Cincinnati, Boston, Detroit, Washington DC, Atlanta, Chicago, Nashville, Dallas, Austin, San Francisco, and more.

CycleBar offers classes that range from 40 (30 at some locations) to 60 minutes long with a mix of building strength and endurance while completing challenging hills and drills to the beat of the music.

Just follow along with the instructor and adjust your gear and RPM to the settings or range they give you.

Constantly changing the settings while you ride maximizes your workout and makes the time fly by so you aren’t left dreading the pedaling.

Now, I bet you are wondering where “bar” comes from. The “bar” part of Cyclebar refers to the body bar that you use for an arm workout during your class (there is a specific song for this).

It requires you to grab a light or medium weighted bar (around 5lbs) and do a series of arm exercises while maintaining a slow ride on the bike.


How much does CycleBar Cost?

If you are unsure about CycleBar and indoor cycling, the good news is, your first 30-min intro ride is free (only at some locations).

All you have to do is schedule your ride on their online booking system.

If you think you’ll be a regular rider, they also have an exclusive first-time rider package to get you started.

CycleBar offers monthly packages as well as individual or group packages.

Single class rates at CycleBar are only $18-20.

You can buy one class or 100.

Class packages are available in 5, 10, 20, 50, or 100 classes, and some packages drop the per-class price down to as low as $12 per class at some locations!

Obviously, the more classes you buy, the less it costs per class, and packages of 20, 50 and 100 even earn you VIP status, discounts on merchandise and apparel, and more.

Pro Tip: Don’t forget to consider your schedule when you buy a package because they do expire! Single Class and Intro 3 Class Pack expire in one month. 5 Class Pack expires in three months. 10 and 20 Class Packs expire in six months and 50 and 100 Class Packs expire in one year.


What to expect at your first CycleBar class?

Upon being immediately greeted by the staff at the front desk, the staff will show you where you sign in, grab your shoes and give you a tour of the studio, equipped with directions on where to locate the bathrooms, showers, water, etc.

If you’re completely new to indoor cycling, staff members are also around to assist with adjusting the seat, handlebars, and getting your shoes clipped in for the ride.

There are several bikes in every CycleBar class.

Of course, you get to choose your bike number when you sign up, which makes it fun if you are signing up with a friend.

Pro Tip: CycleBar’s online booking gives you the ability to reserve a specific bike up to one week in advance for your next class, so try to book at least a few days in advance, especially if you want a certain bike.

CycleBar has a unique high-tech cycling theater (CycleTheatre), complete with a massive video screen, enhanced sound, and lighting designed to match the experience.

Classes start with a warm-up, followed by a challenging workout with hills, sprints, and more.

Don’t forget to have fun as you dance along to the music on the bike throughout the ride!

CycleBar even offers their CycleBeats (playlists that instructors or “CycleStars” use) that you can download online.

The average person is likely to burn around 500-700 calories per class, covering a distance of about 20 miles.

Unlike other big-name studios, CycleBar provides clients with heart rate monitors (not all locations) and CycleStats to monitor your progress and track your performance.

CycleBar gives you the ability to see your CycleStats (calories burned, power RPM and more) both during your ride, and you even get a nice summary of your results by email immediately after the class so you can see how you did.

Pro Tip: CycleBar has you include your height and shoe size in your account information. This way, they can have shoes waiting for you in your cubby (corresponding to your bike number) and your bike set up at the appropriate the height (although you may still need to adjust it).


Who is CycleBar for?

CycleBar is a boutique fitness studio that is not only affordable but it is for all fitness levels. Regardless of which CycleBar ride or package you choose, you can modify your ride to your own fitness level!


Pro Tip: Keep in mind that before your first ride, you need to sign a waiver. If you are under 18, you need one signed by a parent IN PERSON, so make sure you are prepared if you want to ride.


Who should avoid CycleBar?

Just as you would with any new exercise, consult your doctor before starting up at CycleBar.

Although classes are for all fitness levels, rides offer a full body workout and a rigorous cardio experience, so make sure you listen to your body during your class!

CycleBar recommends that you are over the age of 13 to explore and experience CycleBar, as neither the CycleBar website nor the CycleBar Mobile Services are intended for children under 13.

Try CycleBar for your next workout! After your initial tour and first class, all you have to do is show up, clip in, and ride!

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