ClassPass Review: Is The Membership Actually Worth It?

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Adding one more thing to your already over-packed schedule is not an easy task, especially when that one more thing is a fitness class. However, the older you get, the less you can rely on your metabolism and teenage eating habits to get you through the day.

You can join a gym all day long, but if you don’t connect with the facility or it doesn’t offer engaging classes, you won’t go. And eventually, the monthly fee that’s dwindling your spending money won’t motivate you either.

If you have ever researched boutique fitness classes, the first thing you might notice is the hefty price tag. At $20-$30 a class, you might have to curb your Starbucks habit or limit your Target runs to afford a sufficient number of classes each month.

Enter ClassPass, an app that lets you book fitness classes from a variety of boutique fitness studios.

What is ClassPass?

Available by app or on the web, simply enter your zip code to view the available fitness studios in your area. You can even sort by workout if you already know what program you want to start, or scroll through the options to find a new workout.

The app provides information on each studio, what you need to bring to the particular class and how many points you will need to reserve your preferred class day and time. It even sends out a reminder email so you don’t forget about your reservation.

What are the Class Options?

Current fitness classes include Yoga, HIIT, Bootcamp, Barre, Cross Fit, Martial arts, Pilates, Boxing, Dance and more. While going to a standard gym might provide you with unique classes, the level of certification of instructors can be a hit or miss. With ClassPass you know you are getting a quality boutique experience with instructors who are passionate about their craft.

If you are lucky enough to live near one of ClassPass’s larger cities, you also have the option to use your credits for luxury services like massage or acupuncture.

Who is ClassPass For?

ClassPass is built for individuals who are in a rut with their current fitness routine and have considered investing in specialized group fitness classes. It is great for trying out new fitness studios at a lower cost to see which classes are right for you. You can even use ClassPass when you travel.

Power of Choice

ClassPass has all of the popular class types. If you want to go to a yoga studio one week and a martial arts studio the next, it gets you in without shelling out member fees at multiple fitness studios.

Works with Your Ever-Changing Schedule

Do you have free time on Monday this week and then Thursday the next? Not a problem with ClassPass. They offer class options all day, 7 days a week so you won’t have to change your schedule to fit in a little exercise.

ClassPass Pricing:

Monthly pricing varies based on location and the number of credits. You can start with the base plan and move your way up the three-tier options as your fitness goals increase. ClassPass makes it easy to switch tiers by selecting your preferred tier right in your account.

If for whatever reason you run out of credits in a particular month, you can purchase a single credit or a bulk pack of credits. This is helpful when you are choosing classes with different credit values or are out of your routine credits and want to join a friend for an additional class you weren’t planning on.

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ClassPass Pros and Cons:

If you are still on the fence about joining ClassPass, check out the pros and cons list that will determine if the app is right for your lifestyle.


  • First 2 weeks are free

If you are a try before you buy type person, you will love ClassPass’s free 2-week trial. They give you more credits than the base plan for two weeks so you can try up to six new classes. The free trial is great for a fitness jumpstart.

  • Only takes a minute to book (or cancel)

Classes are available all day, 7 days a week. If you need to cancel for any reason, you can easily complete that task in the app too.

  • Go International

ClassPass is accepted at over one million fitness studios worldwide. Do you frequently travel for work? It has locations in the United States, Canada, Europe, Asia, and Australia.

  • Class Recommendations

If you are not sure where to begin, the app can provide you with class recommendations based on your fitness goals.

  • Read honest reviews before you commit

It can be super intimidating to go to a fitness studio, especially one you haven’t heard much about. ClassPass provides reviews of its chosen partners so you can get a feel for the place before you even walk in the door.

  • Stream video Workouts

ClassPass has over 100 partner videos available to stream.

  • Join the FREE 250,000+ virtual fitness community

You are bound to have questions when you start a new fitness journey. Maybe you are curious about one of the fitness studios in your area or need an after-workout snack recommendation. Join the virtual fitness community and you might just make some new fitness-focused friends.

  • Roll Those Credits

Since ClassPass is a monthly subscription, there will likely be a month that you are busier with work or on vacation. If you have a less productive fitness month, it will roll up to 10 credits to the next month so you can get back on track.

  • Track Your Friends

Want to work out with your best buds, but have a difficult time keeping track of everyone’s schedule? Now you can connect with your friends through the app and see when and where they are working out.

  • Stretch Your Dollar

On a budget? ClassPass offers lower credit classes so you can work out more for less. Even with the base plan, you can get up to four classes a month.

  • Convenient payment options

You can conveniently pay for your monthly membership with any valid credit card which is helpful if you track your monthly expenses. If you are an Apple user and download the iOS app, you can use Apple Pay.

  • Membership can be canceled without a phone call

If you need to cancel your membership, ClassPass offers two easy options. Simply use their contact form or live chat and their support team will process your request.


  • Smaller towns and rural areas not supported

If you live in a larger city such as New York City or Los Angeles, you have over 1,000 fitness studio options to choose from. However, venture too far outside of a major city and the results are slim to none. ClassPass is continually growing their reach so keep checking back if your area isn’t currently a part of their network.

  • Late canceling or not showing up for class will cost you

ClassPass can fast track your way into the best boutique fitness studio, but they can’t work late at the office or pick up a sick child for you. If you need to cancel last minute, you’ll have to pay up. Fees for missed classes (without more than 12 hours of notification) can run you $15-$20. On the plus side, you can make a reservation for a class up to five minutes before it starts so if your life is chaotic, choose the last-minute booking option to use your credits wisely.

  • Not all classes are available

Boutique fitness studios have the option to block out certain fitness classes for their core members. While this is not the norm, keep this in mind if you fall in love with a certain fitness studio and your favorite class or class time is always unavailable.

  • Credits needed can increase
    If you start to frequent the same studio and not branch out to try new ones, the credits it took to take your favorite class can increase in the same month. Try switching up your workouts to include separate studios to prevent the increase. You may find a studio or workout you like even better.
  • Membership cannot be paused

ClassPass charges your credit card monthly, regardless of how many classes you attend. If you are unsure of your new fitness self, choose the base plan and easily upgrade anytime.

  • Canceling membership may incur reactivation fee

If you need to cancel your membership and then decide to re-join, you may be subject to a $79 reactivation fee.

Final Thoughts: Should You Use ClassPass?

If you are a fan of experimenting with different group exercise classes, ClassPass is worth your time and money.

You can try out a variety of new fitness studios without having to commit to just one. Plus, group classes can motivate you to complete the entire workout routine unlike trying to master the mundane stair climber at the gym.

If you are ready to jumpstart your fitness goals, give ClassPass a try. They are currently offering a free 2-week trial for new members only.

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