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Looking for a new and fun and exciting workout to get you into shape? Try 9Round Fitness! 9Round offers short and effective 30-minute workouts for all levels of fitness! Each 9Round class is based on time and largely focused on bodyweight exercises to push your limits.       

9Round is a specialized fitness center for people who want a fun and unique workout that guarantees results. 9Round offers a kickboxing themed fitness program that incorporates functional, interval, cardiovascular, and circuit training. 9Round consists of a system of nine challenging workout stations developed by a World Champion Kickboxer. The best part? There’s no waiting around for a class to start! You can show up whenever you want and dive straight into the day’s pre-planned workout developed by the on-site coach at your location.            


What is it?

9Round Fitness is a serious boxing/kickboxing circuit workout that incorporates heavy bags, speed bags, gloves, and wrist wraps, among other workout equipment. The coaches put together daily workouts for members to follow, and they remain on site to instruct you as you go through the program so there’s no wasted time between exercises (after all, you are only there 30 minutes).      

In July 2008, the first 9Round location opened up in Greenville, South Carolina. The only two employees, Shannon “The Cannon” Hudson, an IKF Light Middleweight Kickboxing World Champion and his wife, Heather, personally implemented, tested, and revised every process and piece of equipment–from the gloves and heavy bags that would be used, to pad drills and the music that was played.     

After only one year in that first location, the first 9Round franchise was sold to a member of the gym, and by 2012, the company had grown to 100 locations! As 9Round grew, it became known as the place where you can get a good HIIT workout at an affordable price and on your own time.  
Now, there are now over 700 9Round locations open and operating throughout 42 states and 16 countries, with over 500 more in various stages of development. All of them are delivering on the promise of making members stronger in only 30 minutes–physically and mentally!   


What does it cost?

Luckily, most specialty and boutique fitness studios like 9Round offer new participants the chance to try a class for free before signing up for a membership. After your free class, there is a $99 startup fee which includes the first month, gloves, hand wraps, a key tag, and the 9Round Nutrition plan.

Other membership options are as follows:

  • The 12-month membership plan for $49 per month
  • The 6-month membership plan for $59 per month
  • The month-to-month membership for $69 per month with a minimum of 2 months  


Pro Tip: The 9Round nutrition program is also free with your membership so you can get access to their nutrition guides to further your weight loss and fitness goals!


What to expect?

As a franchise, every 9Round Fitness gym is set up the same way, so it doesn’t matter which location you visit, there shouldn’t be any surprises about what to expect, so let me break it down for you.

There are 9 stations or “9 rounds” in their general workout structure and they are all programmed in the same way.

    You’ll use dumbbells, kettlebells, medicine balls, jump ropes and other equipment to build strength and stamina. You could also be doing conditioning work, such as jump rope, jogging, and cardio-based exercises like burpees and mountain climbers.
    This is where the real fun begins! Build power and increase coordination by kicking punching heavy bags and use the speed bags to develop shoulder conditioning and speed.
    Tighten and strengthen all the muscles in all your trouble spots, including your hips, abs, and lower back. A strong core will also help you in your day-to-day activities. After you finish station 9, your workout is complete!    

Starting your 9Round workout at the first station allows you to warm up as you perform the conditioning exercises, which are designed to raise your heart rate and prep you for the more intense work later on. If you have to start at another station because your location is busy, jumping in can be a little difficult, so you may need to warm up on your own. You can warm-up by jumping around, jogging in place, doing squats, lunges, arm circles, and more. This will also make your workout take a little longer since you’re adding your own workout onto the 30-minute program. Remember, warming up ultimately makes for a safer, more effective workout routine.  


Other things to expect at 9Round Fitness:

  • There are no class times because it’s a circuit format
  • Every three minutes, you move to the next exercise station
  • Trainers will teach you how to wrap your hands for support when punching
  • Trainer guides you through the exercises based on your fitness level
  • You can use heart rate training to stay in your target fat burning zone
  • Workouts change daily!   


Who is it for?

9Round is for everyone! There is no workout or kickboxing experience required prior to joining 9Round. In fact, their coaches love taking clients that have never worked out and getting them in the best shape of their lives!


Pro Tip: New members start by doing two or three rounds and work up to all nine.


9Round Fitness facilities are small and typically managed by only one or two trainers. This means your facility may not be open during times that are most convenient for you, so be sure to look at the schedule.   


Who should avoid it?

9Round Fitness is for all fitness levels, as trainers will customize the workout for you. In fact, they even have members that are in their 70s! Their only goal at 9Round is to keep you sweating and smiling.  

9Round is a great workout that parents and children can do together. They do, however, recommend children be at least 12 years old to participate in the 9Round fitness program due to physical development and attention span.   


Find a 9Round Fitness studio near you and try this unique circuit workout program for yourself!

Whether you want to lose weight, relieve stress, or maintain a healthy lifestyle, 9Round recommends following their workout program three times a week to see results. It doesn’t matter where you are on your fitness journey, their trainers will be there to guide you through the workouts so they are appropriate for your fitness level.         

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