7 Reasons To Train Naturally

For a long time, like most fitness bloggers, I refused to talk about anabolic steroids on my website.

However, I don’t want to be like most fitness bloggers.

So I’ not biting my tongue anymore.

Steroids do exist, and they are an enormous part of bodybuilding.

The truth is that the majority of the physiques that you see on supplement labels, fitness websites, and magazines are pharmaceutically enhanced.

This is not a suspicion, this is not a theory, this is fact.

I’ve been doing this a long time, I know my shit.

The amount of bodybuilders that claim ‘natty’ on bodybuilding forums is disgusting.

I’m not here to convince you that your favorite bodybuilder or fitness model is on steroids.

My goal is to convince you to continue training naturally.

However, rather than using the “If you do steroids, you will die” approach. I think I’m going to try honesty, an approach that is unfortunately rare in the fitness world.

Millions of people use steroids every day.

If injecting yourself with steroids was an automatic death sentence, we’d hear about a lot more steroid related deaths.

I am purposely leaving out most of the common, supposed health risk that steroids are said to have on the liver, kidney,  heart, etc.

I am doing this because most people simply dismiss those side effects as false, unlikely, or only possible if you do things “the wrong way”.

However, I do have a very close friend that has been using anabolic steroids on and off for 12 years, and he is experiencing kidney and heart problems right now. Will we ever know 100% if it was the steroids? No, probably not.

This post isn’t a scare tactic, it’s meant to be educational and give you concrete reasons to train without steroids.

7 Reasons To Train Naturally, That Actually Make Sense:

  • Hop Aboard The Physical Roller Coaster 

The average juicer runs a few 12-week steroid cycles each year, and you’re either Stevie Wonder, or a liar if you say you can’t tell when he’s on steroids and when he’s off them.

I see it every few months. I’ll be getting ready in the locker room and in walks Gorilla Joe, who is at the height of his 12 week cycle. He’s bigger, leaner, and stronger than ever, and for a few minutes I feel a little depressed about my lack of progress.

I feel a lot better when I see him 4-6 weeks later, he’s deflated, fatter, and weaker than ever.

Your argument might be “Well, he must not have used proper P.C.T.”

That’s bullshit! You do not own the gains you make with drugs

Here’s how I explain it:

Imagine that your body is a racecar, capable of going 140mph without nitrous (steroids).

However, when you push that nitrous button your car can go from 140mph to 200mph!

When that nitrous runs out, what happens?

Your speed dwindles back down to 140mph, because the car is not capable of sustaining that speed without the nitrous.

I don’t know a damn thing about cars, but I do know enough about bodybuilding to tell you two things, for a fact.

1. There’s no such thing as “1 cycle to get where you want, then you’ll train naturally to maintain”.

2. Professional bodybuilders do not do cycles, they are on drugs year round.

  • Don’t Forget To Ride The Emotional Roller Coaster, Too

You know that time of the month when your girlfriend and sisters are acting crazy and irrational?

Have you ever wanted to know why they acting like that?

It’s in the hormones. Their hormones are all out of whack, so they get moody, sad, and experience a lot of ups and downs.

The same thing will happen to you when you’re constantly on and off steroids. Your testosterone and estrogen levels are going to be fluctuating so much that it’s enough to bring even the biggest, toughest guy to tears.

  • You better have deep pockets

The other day I walked into the gym locker room and overheard two guys talking. One guy was new to our gym, and trains naturally. The other guy has been going there as long as I can remember, and he uses steroids. The new guy asked him what his secret was, and the other guy jokingly replied “It’s not cheap, that’s for sure!”

If you’re buying it from some guy in your gym, you can bet your bottom dollar (if you have any money left) that he’s making a profit off of you, and not just doing it to hook you up because the locker room conversations you share make him actually care about you.

If you think the creatine, pre workout, and protein supplements you use are expensive then you’re in for a shocker.

The average juicer is spending thousands of dollars per year on steroids.

  • God Only Knows What You’re Actually Getting

Unless you’re getting your stuff from a pharmacy, you truly don’t know what you’re putting in your body.

You’re injecting this stuff into your body, it’s not something you want to risk.

  • No Baby Mama Drama

For some of you this might be more of a benefit than a handicap, but I want a baby more than anything in the world.

I’m not saying that steroids will 100% make you infertile, I told you I was going to be honest and I intend to.

If professional bodybuilders like Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Ronnie Coleman are capable of having children, then obviously steroids do not 100% kill your chances of being a a father.

However, they do decrease your sperm quantity and quality while you are on them, and for every guy who is able to recover his sperm production, there’s somebody who wasn’t able to.

Professional bodybuilders are doing these drugs under professional supervision, so they have professional help to recover their sperm production.

They are also making 6-7 figures a year, so they have the money to do In Vitro Fertilization if all else fails.

I don’t have $12,000 to try In Vitro and hope it works, and you probably don’t either.

Being a father is infinitely more important to me than being buff.

Sure there are even cases where guys get their girlfriends/wives pregnant while they were on a cycle, and then there are guys like my friend who has been trying to get his wife pregnant for 9 months with no luck.

  • Say Goodbye To Your Hair

Steroids will eventually take it’s toll on your hairline, especially if you’ve got the male pattern baldness gene.

There are special shampoos and medications to counteract the hair loss effects of steroids, but nothing is proven 100% effective, and do you really want to take the chance that those shampoos and medications will work for you?

There are some guys that just don’t get this side effect, but they are the lucky few. In the bodybuilding world there is an overwhelming amount of bald guys, or guys who are starting to thin pretty badly. This is not a coincidence.

  • You can get big and lean without drugs

There’s a saying in the online bodybuilding forums “Big, Ripped, Natural – You can only pick two”. This is more B.S.

I’m not going to be that guy who claims you can get as big as Jay Cutler as long as you workout hard enough and long enough.

You will never naturally be the size of a professional bodybuilder, it’s just not possible.

You can get big, ripped, and remain natural. You just need to change your definition of big and ripped.

I’m 5’9″ 200lbs. If I want to have clearly visible abs I would have to weigh about 185lbs.

185-190lbs is big considering the average guy weighs about 135-145lbs.

If you’re not happy with 185-190lbs with visible abs, I don’t know what to tell you, but that is big and ripped to me.

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4 Comments on "7 Reasons To Train Naturally"

  1. Kyle Costello | April 15, 2013 at 5:54 am |

    I’m really glad you posted about this Anthony. Very informative. I just recently turned 19 and have been lifting weights consistently since I was 14. Yes, I’ve had tremendous gains in strength since then, but the temptation to use steroids is always there. Sadly, I have been the overweight kid my entire life. I have always been at least 22-23% body fat, so no matter how strong I get, I don’t look strong, I look fat. Hearing people talk about taking steroids in the gym and saying, “you don’t even have to do cardio! You just lift and the fat melts off! It’s just magic!” It’s very discouraging to someone like me. I’ve never done steroids, never want to, but that temptation is always there. Adding a couple hours of cardio a week to my workouts is helping, but not going the way I was hoping. It’s very frustrating. I just can’t wait to be 10-15% body fat and finally be proud of myself, all natural.

    • Hey Kyle,

      Good to hear from you bro. I hope everything’s going good.

      The temptation is there for all of us who get serious about transforming our bodies, including me.
      Just stick in there, do what you can naturally, and be proud of yourself for that!

      I’m glad you liked to article.

      Good luck with everything.

  2. Been following your write ups for a while. I am so glad you posted this . Finally someone talking sense. The amount of times I’ve seen people just say DON’T TAKE STERIODS YOU’LL DIE. Doesn’t justify much. This is clear, direct and honest. I’m 20 just under 6ft and now weigh 80kg. I go to a local gym and many people are juiced up. It does put a downer on you because literally in a month you see a massive change and you start to question yourself. I have been training for 17 months now gone from 62kg to 80kg and my strength has changed rapidly. Yet I still thought about taking steroids. I did research but could never find anything solid. The reason why I didn’t take or do not take them is because what will make me different to these other dudes? I have already put the hard work in and in pain now its all about the patience and gain the reward. Atleast I can hold my head up high and smile and say I AM NATURAL. Especially when I hit my goal (91kg)

    • Hey Dervis,

      Thanks for the kind words. I appreciate it, and it means a lot that you have been following my articles.
      We sound very similar. When I was younger I would sometimes be tempted to go to the dark side, no doubt.
      I think anybody who gets serious about building muscle gets curious, but it just isn’t for me for
      these very reasons.

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