1 Thing Chubby & Skinny Guys Have In Common

As a kid, you were most likely 1 of 2 ways.

You were either a chubby kid, or a scrawny kid.

If you’ve read my About Page, you know that I’m a computer geek and former wanna-be professional PC gamer, yes seriously.

All of that inactivity didn’t do me any favors.

Needless to say, I was always a chubby kid.

I did have a lot of scrawny friends, though.

And one of the benefits of being the chubby kid in our group is that I could always kick my scrawny friend’s asses when we would build wrestling rings out of pillows/sofa cushions.

Maybe I could credit that to all the practice perfecting my stone-cold stunner, rock bottom, and power bomb on my pillows, though.

(You guys did shit like this too, right? – I hope I’m not the only one.)

When you look at a skinny dude and a chubby dude you probably think they are polar opposites, right?

Well, in 10 out of 10 cases skinny and chubby dudes share 1 trait.

Their eating habits.

More specifically eating to reach their fitness goals.

When someone mentions building muscle, the first thing you visualize is probably the gym. So it’s easy to draw the conclusion that if somebody isn’t building the muscle they want, or meeting the fitness goals they’ve set for themselves, that they aren’t training right in the gym. They’re probably doing the wrong exercises, skipping gym days, etc.


In my experience, most guys are pretty good about hitting the gym consistently, and training with intensity. Which guy wouldn’t? Lifting weights makes you feel like a beast!

Do you know what doesn’t make you feel like a beast, though?

Preparing meals days in advance, drinking water and 0 calorie drinks, and eating small portions.

You just don’t feel the progress in the kitchen.

Unfortunately, that’s where most of the progress is made, and where every guy drops the ball.

I’d say nearly 90% of the progress you see in your body comes directly from the changes you’ve made to your eating habits.

Let’s get more specific:

Skinny Guys – You’re not eating nearly enough. Whenever I make a custom meal plan and workout routine for a skinny guy he tells me that he alrady eats A LOT, but just isn’t gaining skinny_kidany weight.

I don’t doubt you, you probably are eating a lot compared to the average person, but you’re a bodybuilder now, you’re no longer average. You want to have muscles. The average person doesn’t have much muscle.

Plus, you’re naturally skinny. You’re a hard gainer, you need to eat even more food even more frequently than most guys do in order gain half the weight.

So when you think you’re eating a ton of food, take it one step further and try eating “a shit ton”.

That will get you where you want to be, no doubt about it.

Chubby Guys – You’re eating too much, too infrequently, and it’s coming from all the wrong places.

Look, just because your friends order a pizza doesn’t mean you need to eat it, and starving yourself while at school or work, and eating a lot later isn’t a sound dieting strategy. You’ll more than likely end up overeating later.

It’s okay for the average guy to eat pizza and/or only eat once or twice a day, but you’re not average. You’re a body builder now! You want to look like you’ve been carved from granite, you want your friend’s girlfriends to take a second look when you walk around shirtless and think to themselves “Why doesn’t my boyfriend have muscles like his friend?”

It makes total sense that eating pizza once in a while should be okay, and it even makes sense that skipping meals should help drop some weight. However, you’re a chubby guy. Your body naturally holds on to excess fat. You almost need to pry it off with a crow bar.chubby_kid

Note On Cheat Meals: Once you learn how to feed your muscles properly, you can afford a cheat meal every now and then. The problem is, most guys randomly throw a cheat meal or 10 into the mix the first few weeks they start dieting. They weigh in a week later and find out that they’ve actually gained weight, and then they give up on dieting.

3 Golden Rules Of Cheat Meals:

  • Strategically program cheat meals into your diet. That means knowing  which days you’re allowed to cheat, and better yet what the cheat meal will be, and at what time it will take place.
  • The cheat meal should not be “never ending”. A cheat meal is a couple slices of pizza, not the entire box. I’ve seen friends tearing into an entire large box of Hungrie Howie’s pizza and bread sticks. When I ask “Dude, aren’t you dieting?” they say “Cheat day, bro”.
  • You are not allowed to have any cheat meals until you have successful lost 10lbs without them. Cheat meals are to be earned, and if you get a head start of -10lbs, you’re less likely to give up on your goals if you don’t lose any weight one week.

I jokingly said that being chubby as a kid gave me an unfair advantage while wrestling with my buds, but there actually are some advantages of being chubby as well as being skinny.

Chubby Guy Advantages:

Chubby guys can usually pretty easily build muscle and strength, plus we have a strong apetite. Sure it can be a curse when sweets are around, but talk to any skinny guy and they will tell you how hard it is to force themselves to keep eating. Chubs unite, let’s consider ourselves lucky!

Skinny Guy Advantages:

Since a skinny guy’s body doesn’t store much excess weight, it’s much more forgiving of cheat meals. Also, if you’re training hard in the gym, any size you do end up keeping is usually quality muscle. I haven’t seen any skinny guys hit the gym with extreme intensity, eat a ton of food, from mostly high quality sources, and become fat.
So there you have it, the next time you skinny guys are looking at your chubby friends or chubby guys looking at your skinny friends, and thinking to yourself how the grass is greener on the other side. Remember, you’re not so different after all, and there’s actually some benefits to being who you are.

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  1. Anthony, I’m doing crossfit pretty religiously now – 5 days a week – usually work in my own WOD on saturday or sunday – Or play a 90 minute soccer match outside. I’m 5’11” 175 as of this morning. I’m following your 40% carb, 40% protein, 20% fat macros and using myfitnesspal. I have my calories set at 2,200 a day, which ends up at 2500 at working out – I’m estimating 300 cals burned at 45min crossfit session until i get fitbit. My goal is around 254 carbs and proteins a day, 50g fat or so. I’m trying to hold on to my muscle or even build a little, while I’m leaning out. Is this a good strategy? see anything wrong with my method that I could improve? thanks

    • Hey Taylor,

      I would say it’s an excellent strategy.

      You probably won’t build a whole lot of muscle while you’re leaning out – this is totally normal, but once you get lean you will actually appear much more muscular.

      You’re definitely on the right track.

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