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    hi, i’m going to give this a shot… i have high hopes that it’ll work for me. i’m 6′, 205lbs and bmi around 27+/-. i carry most of my fat around my gut and i want (need) to lose it, so i’m guessing i’m cutting. my question is this… i hit the gym around 5am, before work, then sit at my desk for 8 hours, then go home and try to stay as active as i can (ride my bike, take a walk, etc). should i change my workouts to afternoons so that i work out after i’ve loaded up on carbs/fuel? or can i work out first thing in the morning and feed my body throughout the day?

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      Anthony Myers

      Hey Lenny,

      It really doesn’t matter when you do your workout.

      There’s evidence to show that early morning workouts, especially cardio, while fasted (not having eaten yet) speeds up fat lost.

      Working out later in the day after you’ve got some food in you will likely make your workouts more comfortable, more energy, etc.

      For the record, I’m in a similar situation. I work at a computer 8-10 hours a day, when I tell people how many calories I eat they think it’s really low for being such a big guy (201lbs, cutting on 1,800 calories right now) – The fact is, my job is extremely sedentary, and my workouts are pretty much my only physical activity throughout the weekday. Someone like us requires much less calories than someone who is on their feet all day, or someone who performs hard manual labor, like a roofer or construction worker for example.

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