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    Hi there:

    What if you want to gain muscle AND get rid of fat? I weigh 125, am 5’5 and about 20% b.f.

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      Anthony Myers

      Then I would eat at your maintenance calories, do minimal cardio (2 days/week), and lift weights at least 3-4 days per week.

      It will be a slower process, but it is possible to recomposition your body by doing this.

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    Hi… please help a bit confused… when calculating my BMR & Activity the fig. comes to 2868 so I add 300-500cals to gain muscle, so when I need to get 40% protein which fig do I go by 2868 or (3168-3368)

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      Anthony Myers

      You’d go by the higher number.

      If you go by the lower number the calories would not add up to the correct number.

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    Hi, I’m having a hard time meeting my macros.
    My carb intake is low and my protein is high. My macro goal for carb is 212grams and protien is 94grams also my fat is 75grams. Any suggestions on what to eat to meet my numbers?

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      Anthony Myers

      How much do you weigh?

      212g carbs and 94g protein and 75g fat does not sound right.

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    Hey mate, I’m 6’3 and currently 170lb.

    I want to put on a bit of size but I don’t want to revolve my whole life around eating clean and ALWAYS training. I want to be pretty casual about it and not get obsessed with it like I have done in the past, I plan to train about 3 – 4 days a week but I just need a hand understand how much I should eat, right now I can eat so much and I still just have the ‘fat skinny’ look, I’ve just started up a diet I’m going to follow (leniently… if that’s a word haha).

    Like today for example I have had.
    Low fat yogurt with Oats.

    500g chicken, 1 cup brown rice, 1 1/2 cup vegetables.

    Pre work out:
    2 Pieces of rye bread, 250g cottage cheese and a tea spoon of jam mixed with it, (love it.)

    Not sure yet, probably similar too lunch,

    Do I need to be throwing in a protein shake and stuff? sorry for the essay dude.

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      Anthony Myers

      Hey Mike,

      First, you don’t need to revolve your life around always eating clean and always training.

      As long as you’re following the macros that you calculated and as long as you’re lifting 3 times a week, there’s no reason you can’t have a nice body (and by nice I don’t just mean slim, I mean the type of body that turns heads and surprises people when you take your shirt off)

      So step one is to just go through this article and calculate your macros…

      Then, sign up with Myfitnesspal.com (I’m sure you have a smart phone, right?) Take the numbers that you got from this post, plug them into MyFitnessPal and start tracking your meals. It’s really not hard or time consuming at all, takes me maybe 10-15min a day to plug in my meals.

      As long as you’re staying within your calories, protein, carbs and fat, that’s all you need to do.

      If you go a little over/under don’t worry, but try to get close.

      Doesn’t matter if you eat chicken and rice or if you have the occasional pizza/burger, as long as you’re hitting your numbers you’re on your way.

      PS – I reccomend a cook book in the bottom of the article, check it out, all of the meals in there are amazing and they all will fit your macros nicely.

      As for training, just do your best to get to the gym 3 times a week, lift heavy, with good form and you’ll be making more progress than ever.

      I’m actually working on turning this post into an easier to follow video, so when that comes out I’ll shoot you an email and let you know.

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        Hey im having a hard time understanding this ok so I’m trying to get bigger while not gaining to much fat i weigh 143-145 and I always struggle gaing weight from this im not sure if I have did it correctly but I figured I would need about 2610 calories if you could help me calculate the rest thank you


          Anthony Myers

          2,610 calories
          40% protein = 261 protein
          40% carbs = 261 carbs
          20% fat = 58 fat

          You can probably decrease the protein to ~200, increase the carbs to 275-300 and increase the fat to 75


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