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    hi does the above method apply to women as well??

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      Anthony Myers

      Yes, absolutely.

      It’s simply a way to calculate how much food you should be eating and the right types of food to promote muscle growth and fat loss.

      It applies to everyone, men and women.

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    Hey man great page really useful! I think I can calculate my macros, but a few questions does it matter where my carbs are coming from? Also one thing I didn’t see you mention was sugar intake, I try to keep it low but does it matter if your hitting your macros?

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      Anthony Myers

      I don’t really track sugar, all I track is protein, carbs and fat.

      There’s evidence that tracking fiber helps, but I don’t pay too much attention to it – I should.

      No, it doesn’t matter where the carbs are coming from, just that you hit your macros. That’s why it’s called ‘flexible dieting’.

      so the benefit is you can eat pretty much anything you want, but if you go eat a couple of poptarts you’ve already used up about 50% of your daily carb allowance.


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