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    I weight 240lbs. I started working out in March of 2014. Started at 260lbs. Now I want to be 220 lbs but I’m stuck at 240lbs. I work out and started to eat healthier. Any advice on what else I can do?

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      Anthony Myers

      Read my article about calculating macros.

      It’s not really about eating healthy, it’s more about the quantity you eat.

      At 240lbs I would drop your calories to about 2,500-2,700 calories a day.

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    Hi , so if I weigh 110 . 5ft. How much protein fo I need? And any tips how to get ripped abs by March? :-)

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      Anthony Myers

      If you weight 110 you want to eat at least 110g of protein, I would say probably even more because at 110 you need to put on some muscle.

      Do 150g of protein a day for now

      March is right around the corner man, dedicate the next 6-12 months to putting on muscle mass, don’t worry too much about abs, put on a solid 30-40lbs of muscle and you will be much happier.

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        monique m.

        I’m underweight and I’ve been doing squats (including eating/drinking more protein) so I can build in some muscle in my legs and butt. Now here’s the question, how much calories should I take in because I don’t want the fat in unwanted places. Also, I’m 5’3 and last time checked I’m about 100lb.


          Anthony Myers

          I’d stick with around 1,500 calories depending on your activity level.

          If you’re on your feet all day, increase it. If you sit at a desk all day decrease a bit.

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    What quantity do you consider 1 protein shake? I consider one scoop of 25-30g of protein to be one serving. Some people always put two scoops to make it 50-60g a serving. Also the labels on protein buckets vary when stating how much is 1 serving. So by my standards I take 3 “shakes” a day, by other standards I’m only taking 1.5 shakes a day.

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      Anthony Myers

      I consider 1 scoop a shake :) 25-30g of protein is plenty for a shake.


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