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    My name is Vi, I am 130 pounds now, how much protein do I need? Please help me, I need to lose 20 pounds

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      Anthony Myers

      I would start with 130g of protein :)

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    Hey, I’m trying to lose fat and gain muscle or stay the same. I’ve been lifting weights for about 3 months now I’ve gained about 5lbs and my pants are still fitting the same. I take 2 protein shakes a day. One when I wake up and the 2nd right after I workout. What do you recommend for me to start loosing fat? I don’t have a meal plan. Could you help me with that? I pretty much eat whatever my wife makes. I don’t eat bad but I do have a sweet tooth and that’s where it kills me. Im around 252lbs 6″2′
    Thanks for your help

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      Anthony Myers

      Hey Alfredo,

      It’s all about calories in vs calories out.

      Check out my article about calculating your macros and if you still need help I’ll help you create a meal plan.

      It sounds like you’re simply taking in too many calories, though. 252 is pretty big, you’re about the same size as my best friend, he started at 261, and with no cardio at all, simply dropping his calories and weight training he is now around 225.

      I am a fan of MyFitnessPal, they recently were acquired by UnderArmour and now they are trying to charge for a premium membership. You don’t need it! Just use the free versions of MyFitnessPal to track your calories, protein, carbs and fat.

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    Hi. I am currently eating 160g of protein everyday. Will there be any bad side effects if I consume protein powder for the 50% of my total intake? It is only during wednesday and friday.

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      Anthony Myers

      Hey Dennis,

      There are no bad side effects of getting most of your protein from powder… but I wouldn’t recommend it.

      It’s expensive and I like to eat real food, it helps my stomach to feel more full.

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    Hey I’m 389lbs and I do workout for and hour now I bought protein from protein world its a slender blend for weight loss not to build muscle and I have one for breakfast lunch and dinner. For breakfast I have a reg shake with just almond milk cinnamon and sometime peanut butter for lunch I have a fruit smoothie with protien powder in it and for dinner I have a vegetable smoothie with protein powder and I drink a gallon of water a day am I on the right track or do I need to do something different cause I’m a complete amateur at this

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      Anthony Myers

      Hey Mark,

      I would say you’re on the right track, yes…

      But here’s what I would change.

      It seems like you’re ‘drinking’ most of your calories and most of the calories are from carbs.

      If I were you I would want to eat something that I can chew on, something to keep me from going insane.

      Keep the protein intake high, carbs moderate.

      If you need any help shoot me an email at anthony@muscleclass.com and I will take care of you.

      We can put together a custom meal plan for you or something.

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    When should I take my protein shake In the morning after I wake up. But I also workout twice a day or should I take it after both of those workouts.

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      Anthony Myers

      Hey Jean,

      I prefer to take it straight away in the morning first thing and also after my workout.

      So it doesn’t have to be after both workouts, no.

      It’s really your preference, though. as long as you’re getting it that’s what is the important thing.

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    Hello I am 2235lbs and just recently started working out and trying to eat more healthy. How much protein do I need? Body fat is 37%

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      Anthony Myers

      hey Alexis,

      It sounds like you’re a girl, correct?

      I’d say somewhere around 125g of protein would be a great starting point.


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