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    Kyle Costello

    I’m really glad you posted about this Anthony. Very informative. I just recently turned 19 and have been lifting weights consistently since I was 14. Yes, I’ve had tremendous gains in strength since then, but the temptation to use steroids is always there. Sadly, I have been the overweight kid my entire life. I have always been at least 22-23% body fat, so no matter how strong I get, I don’t look strong, I look fat. Hearing people talk about taking steroids in the gym and saying, “you don’t even have to do cardio! You just lift and the fat melts off! It’s just magic!” It’s very discouraging to someone like me. I’ve never done steroids, never want to, but that temptation is always there. Adding a couple hours of cardio a week to my workouts is helping, but not going the way I was hoping. It’s very frustrating. I just can’t wait to be 10-15% body fat and finally be proud of myself, all natural.

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      Anthony Myers

      Hey Kyle,

      Good to hear from you bro. I hope everything’s going good.

      The temptation is there for all of us who get serious about transforming our bodies, including me.
      Just stick in there, do what you can naturally, and be proud of yourself for that!

      I’m glad you liked to article.

      Good luck with everything.

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    Been following your write ups for a while. I am so glad you posted this . Finally someone talking sense. The amount of times I’ve seen people just say DON’T TAKE STERIODS YOU’LL DIE. Doesn’t justify much. This is clear, direct and honest. I’m 20 just under 6ft and now weigh 80kg. I go to a local gym and many people are juiced up. It does put a downer on you because literally in a month you see a massive change and you start to question yourself. I have been training for 17 months now gone from 62kg to 80kg and my strength has changed rapidly. Yet I still thought about taking steroids. I did research but could never find anything solid. The reason why I didn’t take or do not take them is because what will make me different to these other dudes? I have already put the hard work in and in pain now its all about the patience and gain the reward. Atleast I can hold my head up high and smile and say I AM NATURAL. Especially when I hit my goal (91kg)

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      Anthony Myers

      Hey Dervis,

      Thanks for the kind words. I appreciate it, and it means a lot that you have been following my articles.
      We sound very similar. When I was younger I would sometimes be tempted to go to the dark side, no doubt.
      I think anybody who gets serious about building muscle gets curious, but it just isn’t for me for
      these very reasons.


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