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    Yes i totally agree pullups are the Squats for the upper body,,i started just doing 4 pull ups 3 sets,,now im on 4 sets of 10 with 20kg swinging between my legs,,and and a v back thats comiing on nicely..its so sad to see how people these days training just going for the easy excersises,same with the squat rack always a lonley place,,ha but i gotta admit theres seems to be more girls on the squats these days which aint a bad thing but thats another post,,lol do youre pull ups they are good for you ,and hey trainings meant to be hard ,,safe but hard,,

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      Anthony Myers

      Good call brother, definitely worth doing pull ups!

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    Agustin Bernal

    I was stuck at 5 reps with the pull up, so what I did was do pull ups with a 35lb kettlebell between my legs (suspended from a dipping belt).
    At first I could do only one rep, so I did 10 sets of one rep. Within seven days I was up to three reps and when I tested myself without the weight I was able to do 10 pull ups easily. I continued with the weighted pull ups and by two months I could do 5 reps X 5 sets with a 53lb kettlebell, and without the kettlebell I could knock out 15 strict pull ups. For me the weighted pull ups was the way to add reps to by bodyweight pull ups.

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      Anthony Myers

      Hey Agustin,

      Good tip! Definitely adding more resistance will help you build the strength needed to do more body weight pull ups.


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